Is it possible to modify phone so Google cannot data mine?

Is it actually possible to find Apps to replace basic functions on an android phone so google can no longer data mine? I assume if I put any third party app to replace android functions that I then have others data mining?

I use Proton VPN, and Email where I store contacts, plus VPN has new additions for calendar and documents. I assume these are 100% protected from data mining.

Also use Signal which I assume is safe from google data mining? (except they go to a friends common android messaging. :frowning: )

Even if I unlock and root and install a third party launcher that doesn’t use any android apps will google still be able to data mine?

You’d need to remove Google apps (Services, Framework, Calendar, etc) and block whatever app you can’t remove (eg. Phone, Launcher) to access the internet via a firewall like Netguard.

Unless a person installs a fully open-source OS they really can’t be sure what’s going on under the hood. There’s LineageOS, Replicant and Fairphone OpenOS (designed only for the Fairphone 2 at this stage, not FP3).

Signal. I’m no expert but doesn’t that app bring in some Google add-on over the internet in order to function?

I’m not hiding from governments, just wish to get to the point where no group can data mine me. I’m finding it difficult to find details to make a good choice. I’m testing simple mobile apps on but have no idea if google can still access the contacts and calendar for example. I have no idea if simple mobile is now data mining me! As best as I can discover Signal, if used by both parties is Edward Snowden approved. I use Proton VPN and their email which according to them are encrypted on my phone, so I can only assume that means google and 3rd party apps cannot data mine. It seems too difficult to locate a coherent article on this subject. Seems odd that it’s this difficult to locate info on this level of protecting. I run firefox with duck duck go. I’d be interested in rooting and installing another OS if there was a valid and fully functional one so common everyday phone functions operate but then i’d have no idea if they would data mine themselves. My phone is a Google Pixel XL and it’s probably hardwired with snoop functionality regardless what I do!?

Not an expert but I know that ReplicantOS won’t work for you because its designed for really old Samsungs. LineageOS is designed to be a bit more flexible, they permit closed-source (aka proprietary) drivers so that basic hardware still operates. You’ll need to do some research.

There are resources out there. If you add “open-source” to your searches it can speed things up.

I may be wrong with the Signal and Goo. That person says that if Goo Play Store isn’t installed it resorts to using a different storage service. Again, no expert. I think I remember a discussion on these forums outlining that the main reason Signal isn’t on F-Droid is because it can’t be built from source. I could be wrong.

Firefox is open-source. So tick. Duckduckgo is still a centralised service, they use Bing if memory serves. Likewise with Ecosia, but they plant trees!!! EDIT: It’s impossible to avoid a centralised web search though. Maybe don’t rely on one corporation for all your searches.

The Tor Privacy Browser (or i2p) are probably your best options for any attempt at online anonymity.

There’s LineageOS, Replicant and Fairphone OpenOS (designed only for the Fairphone 2 at this stage, not FP3).

LineageOS is the way to go for your needs. But even LineageOS needs to contact google. You can also try /e/ which is based on Lineage.

As others have stated, replacing Android with an independent ROM (Lineage, etc.) would be needed.

I find Privacy Tools to be a good source of information to prevent tracking.

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I like to look of Privacy Tools, perhaps a good place to learn before getting right into it! Thanks!

See Netguard…

As best as I can discover Signal,

You give them your addressbook and your phone number, you’ve just exchanged the name of the company from Google to OWS, good job lol

I’d bet he doesn’t even use that…just a ruse :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

You trust them to not log anything, but you can’t verify anything, meh

Yeah…but they can record your credentials and access your inbox, also if you send/receive to/from gmails accounts then both Proton and Gmail can read your emails

It’s not because Moxie doesn’t want it here, basically it’s a closed silo messaging app based on phone numbers…oh and some source-code released. It’s a pain to host your own, and if you do you can’t reach Signal users anyway. Read more here: We can include Signal in F-Droid

This is one alternative, but you would have to wait several months to get one. By the time you get one 5G may make it obsolete.

Some of those add-ons don’t work on all phones. They haven’t been ported. A firewall sounds like a good way to monitor for unauthorized abuse by application programs.

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Pinephone is another alternative and it is possible to order one already (Brave Heart version - final version expected in a few months).

You might actually consider the lack of 5G support a feature, since 5G has new privacy concerns. It will have much more fine-grained location tracking

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