What’s the future about Netguard in Fdroid?
Are there any plans to maintain the updated versions removing the proprietary code?

I’m assuming you mean I have no specific knowledge of this app, can you point us to news? If it has added proprietary bits, anyone can submit a merge request to to add patches which strip that stuff out.

Yes, as noted by the maintainer on Fdroid from v. 2.45 it added Firebase which is proprietary. As I read elsewhere looks like it now depends from Google Play Services too.
I could compile it myself removing stuff I don’t want but I was wondering if there were any plans here or if anybody already did that anywhere.

EDIT: I had a gentle chat with the author, seems like he prefers no adfree version to be published. I don’t have the will to keep a crusade on this app, so if you want it just do it yourself… sorry guys. It’s not hard so the Fdroid guys will make it if they want to.

Original message:
Ok, I’m doing it. I just forked NetGuard into “NetGuard Libre” (or “LibreGuard”, suggest a name anybody?), I compiled the latest version removing Firebase.
Much still needs to be done, like maybe removing other unused/proprietary code that I missed, and fixing descriptions, names, etc.
NetGuard Libre v. 2.111alpha is running fine on my phone, I will post the online repository when it’s ready. Contributions will be welcome.

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Hm, too bad… The ad version does not work stable on my GAPPS-free phone… At least once a day it actually slows down my phone up to the point that it is virtually unusable and that it has to be rebooted to make it work again!

I don’t think that’s due to missing Gapps, you should contact the developer for this.

@weasel: Unfortunately the developer does not appear to be using a bug tracker where I could file an issue regarding this problem. Could you please tell me how you got in touch with him? Thanks in advance! :wink:

We talked privately, but you can report bugs here:

Anyway here he states “Note that NetGuard does not require any Google service to be installed.”

@weasel will you still provide the “NetGuard Libre” fork?

No, I’m keeping it updated for myself but can’t distribute it. Please read my EDIT on July 23rd.

Why don’t you give the source/package if you did it for yourself?

Read his edit, the original author wouldn’t be happy. Time to learn Android development i guess, or donate to the author so he removes the ads and firebase.