Netguard fork without telemetry?


I am searching for a while… There is no other no-root firewall for android except Netguard.

Netguard share data from phone. The author seems never gonna release a telemetry-free version.

Most of people can not root their phones because we lost warranties. Netguard is the simplest and %99 clean hack for personal privacy.

1- Is there any possibility to fork this project from github and remove/comment the data sharing codes?
2- is there any possibility to document how to compile and install the app from github. also document the code block where it shares the data. so we can simply comment some lines before compile it.

Thank you

Could you state what telemetry stuff is still left in NetGuard? At least most of that was removed recently, in the wake of GDPR.

Netguard Here weasel has talked to author of netguard. author will never release an add-free version of it.
There is no positive answer/posts under that topic.

Oh well, that’s ancient.

But he just has. Have you checked the latest release on F-Droid? See here:

Added 2 weeks ago. Do you see any AntiFeature? I’ve analyzed the libraries contained. All previous trackers (AdMob, Crashlytics etc.) have been dropped.

So what do you mean?

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@TerkiKerel @Izzy: Who’s got the RFP? :mega: Nm, awesome! :flushed:

@TPS NetGuard is in F-Droid for a long time already. In between updates got stopped (due to those trackers), and NetGuard was in my repo. When I detected those trackers had been dropped, I sent out word – and a day later it was back again. That’s why I know about the details: I was directly involved :wink:


I did not notice it. Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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No problem. Never hurts to ask unless you ask for hurt :grin: Always glad to help.

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