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I’m not sure who, but thanks to whoever just tweaked the F-Droid nightly repo: both apps just updated to latest w/o incident. :bowing_man:t5:‍♂

Ungoogled chromium repository gives 403 Forbidden

I added Antox repo and repo.

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It’s normal, it’s not meant to be browsed via your usual browser. Try to add it in your F-Droid client instead (Settings -> Repositories -> + -> put the link into the “Repository address” field) and synchronize all the repos, and that’s it, you’ll see the ungoogled apps in your F-Droid client.


I received notification that there were 2 changes someplace on this wiki (by @buenalabs & @NicoAlt) since I last logged in, but the list has grown so much I can’t tell what they are. Could it be possible, that whenever 1 edits the wiki, they also post a summary of what they did here? TIA!



Sorry, I forgot exactly what I changed. I probably just corrected a minor typo.

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Hi. This is my first post and first of all, many thanks for creating F-Droid.

I just added the repo for my Signal fork Molly.

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Did you get permission from Moxie to use their servers?

I’ve never explicitly asked about the servers, but I told him about my fork. He replied that he would have no problem with it, although he felt that it was very difficult to do – the password hard lock – and that it would require too much effort from my side to maintain it, which is definitely true :smile:

It was announced two months ago, with no complaints so far. Let me say there’s no business behind Molly, just my wish for better endpoint security in Signal.