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@DandelionSprout, @benibela: To get permission to update wikis you have to rank up from new user by spending some time on the forum reading while logged in.


Ah, okay, thanks for the info. Thankfully I only needed 15min of checking out some random frontpage threads, before I was granted ‘Basic’ status.


What’s the purpose of the guardian project repo, when the apps are included in the main repo: ?


They’re included but not up to date.

I guess the idea is to get them build reproducible actually, in the mean time, use their repo, it’s the official one.


Just as a general announcement: many, many of the repos here aren’t updated to the latest F-Droid server version, which fixes a # of issues. (I know, 'cuz I have most of them configured & throwing errors!) Please do so! :bowing_man:


Which ones? Did you enable old index ? if YES that brought this error to light, disable old index, remove (NOT disable) repos, re-add them.

Also, enabling old index will trigger this bug until every repo updates fdroidserver.


I’m confused.… I thought enabling Old Index was the workaround until everything is the current server version.

Anyway, enabling/disabling hardly makes a difference. (I get nearly same amount of errors.) The only way to solve from client-side is to re-add⁉️ That’s kludgy, @ best, no?


It was, but we hit another bug. There’s an explanation in


That’s annoying. I guess I’m getting hit w/ the mentioned timezone bug. Does anyone have a rundown of which servers (besides F-Droid itself.… those can be deleted/readded⁉️) are updated, so I can selectively delete/readd?


At least GuardianProject repos.


Monerujo (source code) has a repo located here :


The repos for Tachiyomi have changed, see the discussion here for the future. The URL also changed.

The archive repo is down.

Info updated in the first post :wink:


Hi, @rfc2822 Unofficial Firefox F-Droid repo is down.:sob: Will it reopen?


It’s not down from here. How do you determine it to be down?


Oh, I’m sorry. It’s my fault.


Added Nanodroid repo, which is used by many people for no google apps, and its alternatives. Being used by me for a long time now.


@vdbhb59 I don’t want to step on your toes, but this wikipage has been listed alphabetically, so your Nanodroid listing should be moved down the list. I really appreciate you adding the listing, though. :bowing_man:


Thanks mate. Sincere apologies for the mistake caused. Have corrected it now. :slight_smile:

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That’s Umbrella repo. I mean alt.