Is there an App to organize yearly actions combined with a diary


I am looking for an app to organize my life. For example in the garden I’d like to have some kind of diary to record the dates when I seeded something and next year I want to be reminded to so again. And if it turned out that I was too late I want to be earlier next year. Compared to just using a Calendar I want to attach logs to this event every year. Maybe redo a measurement of the amount of sugar in the wine and do long term statistics…

But it should not be dedicated to the garden. Also documenting the Christmas presents I gave over the years should be documentable…

Is anyone aware of something like that? - for sure it should be free…


Search ‘Philofax’ apps


@hotlittlewhitedog, thanks for the feedback, but I didn’t find anything useful in f-droid but also outside.

I tried to put some more ideas to “paper” in a small github repo. Let’s see whether it finally gives us such an app or not. Contributors, ideas and testers welcome!


And Calendar/Planner apps? Should do the same.


Classical Calendars are much too strict. - the kind of activities I am thinking of normally do not have a hard fixed date and this flexibility and the possibility to log something easily for each occurance is missing in a calendar. That is also mossing in a normal task list…


Check todo liste too


Some time passed but here it is:

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