Install guide for OsmAnd~ (OsmAnd+) (When installation fails using the F-droid client)

When installing OsmAnd~ from the F-droid client fails…
(“installation failed due to an unknown error”):

Download OsmAnd~ to PC:

Turn on Android developer mode:
1 Go to “Settings” / “System”
2 Tap “About phone”
3 Tap “Build number” seven times. …
4 The “Developer options” menu will now appear in your Settings menu.

Go to “Settings” / “System” / “Developer Options”
Turn on “USB debugging”

Connect the phone to the PC using a USB cable. Confirm “Enable debugging” popup window on the phone.

Based on this reddit article:

On PC:
Download Android Platform Tools to PC:

cd platform-tools
adb push net.osmand.plus_4305.apk /data/local/tmp 
adb shell pm install -i "" -r /data/local/tmp/net.osmand.plus_4305.apk

In case the message

“Error: android.os.ParcelableException: Requested internal only, but not enough space”

is reported:
Installation requires about 1Gb free space on the phone’s memory. Clear cache for most applications in the Android Settings / Application menu

In case: “Success”:
Delete apk file
adb shell rm -f /data/local/tmp/net.osmand.plus_4305.apk

Go to “Settings” / “System” / “Developer Options”
Turn off “USB debugging”

Start OsmAnd+ on phone
Click “Get Started”
OPTIONAL: At the bottom of the page: Change data storage to “External Store 2” or similar (SD Card)
Download Map for your location (auto-detected)
Press “Show Map”

OPTIONAL: Additional info on the map
Settings / Download maps /
Download: Contour Lines, Hillshades, Slopes

OPTIONAL: Hiking maps for Hungary
Settings / Configure Map / Map Source: Enable “Online maps”

On the phone, in Chrome: go to
Letöltések and select “TuraReteg.sqlitedb”

TuraReteg.sqlitedb will be downloaded
Open file with OsmAnd+
Press “Dismiss” on the menu popping up (would replace the main map, we don’t want that)
Menu / Configure Map / Overlay map / On and Select TuraReteg
Set “Transparency” to maximum
Turn off “Show transparency slider”

Enjoy Hiking!

Requires 1GB for installation!!!
Did you check as to why?
Also, should this not be in OSM Git or forum as well?

Corretion: requires about 1Gb free space on the phone to install. When only 300-500Mb was free, it refused to install to due not enough space but that’s probably true for any other app. App size is 255Mb according to the storage.

I think It’s simply Android trying to preserve the whole system’s integrity I guess. Yes, sadly I have phone with 16Gb internal storage space only (but at least I have a replacable battery).

Yes, as expected… it does a lot of copying of APK and contents, not an F-Droid issue, just how Android manages app installs.

I recall, initially it was very small in size, and the temp files portion was also not utilized to the core. Alas a lot has changed.

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