Install f-android on xiaomi phone

Hi, I’m new to this forum and new to this world. I have a xiaomi phone and just wanted to install the f-droid app. I immediately got the message that this action could damage the phone.
I tried the search, but didn’t get any answer. Obviously I dud it wrong!
Any advice or tutorial? Can be english, spanish or german.

You are probably receiving the standard warning when trying to install an app outside the Google Store.
It’s a warning to avoid possible infections by people trying to install cracked apps, modified apps that may contain malware.
If you downloaded the F-Droid app from you’re fine and can “skip” the warning :slight_smile:

That’s what I’d thought, thank you! I’ll try now.

Did the upload, quick and easy, got my app, and it works perfectly.

Next steps will be degoogling the phone …

Thanks for the advice, danke!, muchas gracias! A nice week to all!

Oops, I forgot about it, if you want to check the integrity of f-droid app, you can find some instructions here:

Thanks for the advice, danke!, muchas gracias! A nice week to all!

De nada, buen día para ti también

hi, degoogling a xiaomi phone from 2021? i am interested in knowing the progress if u wanna share it.

i have lost faith that phones can be degoogled without doing root and stuff - as even the basic apps (contacts, messages, dialer, contacts, keyboard etc) are googled now, and on removing GMS (gp services) the annoying persistent notification about apps wont work totally ruins the experience (saying based on a nokia android smartphone running android 8.0 aka stock android)

Or will u use root for that? (but seems unlikely since if u were rooting, then u’d already be familiar with the standard warning).

I never had a 'smart’phone until my laptop (linux) stopped working. No money to buy a new one I needed something to access my mail.
It was then I discovered that all goes with google. I have disabled all I could, as I don’t need apps, no geo loc and after a while there were no more annoying notifications. This app I installed today through f-droid is the second in nearly three years. I’ll try to do some more to get google as limited as possible.
The day I get a new pc, I go back to the old nokia phone.
I’m an analog man in an analog world. My great analog reset …

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if u had asked me before buying the xiaomi, i’d have suggested u to try looking at the linux phones coming up new. librem 5 seems to be the leader in that space, but it’s wayyy tooo expensive. For 2nd place,

Pine phone also seems a good candidate (price tag: 200 usd if i recall correct - but verify its price urself - - wait, checked and yeah, 200usd for the upper variant. 150 usd for lower variant wow).
update: uh oh, it is still in beta edition currently :frowning:


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