Ideas to help users find apps - Sort. Hide, Bookmark


Ideas to help users discover applications based on popularity seem to either be difficult to implement or find resistance because of privacy issues.

Here are some ideas to ease discovering applications with the F-droid client in other ways, I don’t know if they have been discussed previously, nor how hard to implement they are (not a programmer, sorry).


Alphabetical and Last update are the only sorting methods now. Last update helps to find actively developed apps, but it is not available everywhere, if I see all the apps in a category, for example, I get an alphabetically sorted list and no other option is given.

How would it work?

  • The user can choose the sorting method in every list of apps in the client.


Some apps are useful only in certain parts of the world, to speakers of certain languages, require something external I don’t have… It would be nice if the user could choose to hide individual apps in the client to improve the signal to noise ratio.

How would it work?

  • Hidden apps are only shown in the list/screen “hidden apps”, accessible maybe through the main menu.
  • Hidden apps don’t show in “Latest” or “Categories”
  • In a search they appear at the bottom as “hidden” (or don’t appear at all?).
  • Perhaps it shouldn’t be possible to hide an installed app?


You might want to track certain apps but not install them yet, not to forget apps mentioned in a long article that you won’t install right now for reasons, or you are waiting for announced features that will make it usable for you…

How would it work?

  • Bookmarked apps appear in a screen/list “Bookmarks”.
  • You get notifications for new version of bookmarked apps, similar to notifications of updates for installed apps
  • Hidden and bookmarked are mutually exclusive.


Categories are only useful to a certain level, a user’s mental map could be different. A tag would be something personal like “Trip to Berlin” to add maps, public transport tools, photography apps, translation tools…

Tags can substitute “bookmarks” if the user (can) get notifications for upgrades of tagged apps not installed yet, and “Hidden” could be treated as a special tag perhaps, to have it everything together in one place.



I like these. To further add to this though, it would be nice to be able to list/search just by one specific repo (if more than one are added).

Also kind of related. When adding a new repo it would be nice if just the new repo updated rather than ALL the repos (can take a while if there are many.)

I’m also not sure if it would work in the Play Store/Amazon App store/others, but it would be nice if it were there for exposure, though I realize this is highly unlikely since most app markets probably have rules about adding “competition”.

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I like the keyword/tag-cloud approach for github sourcecode repositories called topics

beside fdroid category an app can also have up to 20 app-developper-defined topics that are displayed as buttons in the app description. if a user taps on a topic button he gets a list off all apps that have the same topic and therefore allows to find something similar.

the topics should be read from a textfile in the sourcecode repository during fdroid app build process.

technical this can be merged with @Osoitz-s “personal tags” so there are app-developer tags and fdroid-user-tags.

From my point of view fdroid-s static “Categories” are not flexible enough . i.e the category multimedia as more than 100 apps from audio (noice generator, mp3 player, muscal instrument), picture(drawing app, photo management, camera app) and video



This is my Post in this Forum,

im writing here because i have the for a Bookmark option in the Apllication and i would want to ask if i can acess very all types of media from a Repo createt with the Repomaker :question:


Those are two issues in the issue trackers about bookmarks, perhaps one of those explains what you are thinking? You can add more ideas to those threads.

As for Repomaker, anything that Repomaker can put into a Repo, F-Droid can get on Android.

I want the F-Droid app developer to add a wishlist app feature so that people can save their app which they can install later.

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If you want that feature Aurora Droid has it.

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I was wondering if there was like a “skin” or something for fdroid that allows you to have a wishlist. Anything is helpful, thanks!

nope Bookmark Apps (#1002) · Issues · F-Droid / Client · GitLab

Edit: This post was originally its own thread, please forgive that it sounds weird as a reply.

This is a well-requested feature, and the issue has been open a long time. (Bookmark Apps (#1002) · Issues · F-Droid / Client · GitLab).

Are there any hurdles or challenges that would make adding this feature difficult or time-consuming, or is it a lack of interest on the side of developers?

If it’s the latter, that gives me hope someone who is interested will see it and get around to it. Non-priority feature requests can get buried easily, after all :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t think I can contribute to this issue directly as I have no Android development skills whatsoever, so all I can do is ask. Maybe drawing attention to the issue could catch the eye of skilled people :smile:

Best wishes for the whole team either way!

Please add to your favorites to create your own application file cabinet. Very often you find applications that you want to mark as favorites, then return to them, for certain purposes or testing. In general, Fdroid is the future, it’s a great store. Thanks to the creators