HTTRack - Reliable?

I know HTTrack, I used it in Linux various times.
Now I see it’s on Play Store, but not on f-Droid.
Do this mean it’s not reliable?

Cool. I’ve also used this utility from my desktop, but I didn’t realize there was an Android version. I don’t see anything related at request for packaging, or in fdroiddata, so it seems it just hasn’t been requested yet.

I discovered this by “mistake”, I was looking the download page because I had to download for a friend of mine, for Windows.
While I was bored waiting for the download to finish, I skimmed the page and saw the “surprise” at the bottom.

Can anyone post a rfp for this?

You need to notify the developer first. Since the app has been inactive for 3 years it can be difficult.

What a sin

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