3D Modeling + Game Engine, FOSS

Hello everyone.
I recommend to add this App to F-Droid: DeadDeer.
It’s found at http://deaddeer.free.fr/ and the Source Code is available on SourceForge. Quite a great App, the only drawback is the small interface, quite not comfortable.

Using an MHL or MiraCast external monitor is recommended.

IMPORTANT: Grant permissions BEFORE opening for the first time (use Settings) or the App will crash.

As I read here: HTTRack - Reliable? there’s a rule to follow when requesting packages to be added.
Please, will someone kindly request for this?
Also, if is it there any interested developer, there should be redesigned the interface, with two scrollable ribbons for the menu and the toolbar, and a pop up panel to the right.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Read and open an issue: https://gitlab.com/fdroid/rfp

I’m unsure abot how can I do so.
Can please someone else do this for me?

Update: author refused me to open a rfp for this

Any reason given?

No, he just replied with a mail just containing “no”

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