How to update repository without pull gesture on non-touch devices?

Hei there!
just as title, how can a user update the repository without the pull gesture? This use case is common I think for non-touch devices, like Android on a Raspberry.

Am I obviously missing a setting somewhere or something else?

Thank you!

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I’m not aware of such option (it might exist), but as a workaround you could go into the Repository settings and disable and enable again each repo. That will trigger an update, if I remember correctly.

Just in case: with a mouse you can do the pull gesture just fine, although it’s not that obvious.


Thanks it works! Quite rough but indeed a workaround!

Yes a mouse is indeed another solution, not always available though :slight_smile:

I think it’s rather a desirable feature to have an alternative to pull gestures to request a repository update.


Of course! It was just an informative note.


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I am not sure but may be an app broadcast exist to update the repo. Can anyone confirm?

cc @Ildar @Licaon_Kter

There isn’t a Broadcast Intent. I would accept a merge request that added a keyboard command to do it, like F5 or Ctrl-R or something. Are there standard keyboard commands with Android? I’ve never used Android with a keyboard.

@hotlittlewhitedog any pointers here?

@hans the request is weird :sweat_smile: On raspberry you can connect a mouse.

At home, I’ve an android box connected to the TV.
The TV is not touchable.
I use the dpad (only on TV I think) or a small keyboard.
All keys are detected (arrows, A-Z, 0-9, functions, ESC, ALT, CTRL…) and quick keys to open gmail, browser.

I think you can move the code to refresh the repo in an INTENT SERVICE (easy to use but without UI) just call a service or in the context menu, or simply in the menu interface (Settings/My applications) => add an option to refresh all activated repos) :slightly_smiling_face:

@hans to detect a key, you need to handle keyboard actions like onKeyUp.

This was indeed what I first thought! And yea the request is for a limited number of cases I suppose.

Thank you all for spending time in discussing this!

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@ggruber which android version ? With Nougat & up, do you have access to launcher icon Shortcuts and quick settings Tiles ?
If so,@hans , check simplified , it solves these triggering fdroid UpdateService.updateNow(this);

I’d say my box is either 5 or 6, but not 7+ almost surely. Haven’t updated in a long while since I just use them for home purposes essentially.

Android OS tv box user myself with 8.0 on my box & F-Droid version 1.7.1. I don’t have access to Quick Tiles myself but have been able to modify the original Launcher to allow Widgets & pull a Customizable Taskbar from F-Droid. As some have already expressed, Non-touch can make use of accessories or other app’s that will allow a button re-map. Depending on tv box type, some may be able to use 2 USB devices @ same time but for those without… Personal thought is to ask if it would be easy enough to have Accessibility Setting available so that a user could customize it by using that feature instead? The taskbar by B Farmer uses PC-style productivity via the use of Usage Permission & bein set through Accessibility as an Assistant. Even Samsung’s “Good Lock” has some customization options so someone with some coding ability must know of a way to do similar…

Can you clarify the use of this Link? Do we download the file to F-Droid or someplace else to use this?

I’ve uploaded a 1.7 debug version here (oc, not compatible with officially signed fdroid privilege client)

The icon shortcut (Nougat and up) includes an [Updates] insert to trigger it, +:

  • an android Tile (via notification zone down) to trigger repo update
  • another shorcut to installed apps list
  • 2nd screen Gitlab icon/link to fdroiddata/commits/master/metadata related
  • Simplified 1st screen list with complete uncut designation, and no misses from new upcoming first releases (grayed date when metadata are missing)
  • 1st screen long-press to fdroid forum auto search

all these modifications are minimalist (thx to F-Droid dev team sub design):

(@hans this debug is built with androidX switch and tested ok/fine))

Hope some one could convince Nethunter to integrates these, to their fdroid clone, so every one could find satisfaction on fdroidclient basis rendering.