How to integrate other repositories into F-Droid?

In the Wiki “Known Repositories” (Known Repositories) other Repositories are suggested, which offer alternative apps to Google ones and - as I understand - similar to F-Droid.
But I do not know and did not understand, how can I integrate (or add ?) these under the F-Droid app.

Does have someone a suggestion?

Copy link… Settings - Repos - press upper right plus icon?

Hi Licaon_Kter, your suggestion seems logical, I do similar on my PC, but in my Smartphone (which one? see above) I cannot find a Repo-Setting (or similar).

Cubot Nova
Android-Version: 8.1


I was too fast with replaying. I understood a couple of minutes after, what you minded.
Exact now the repo list was completely updated

Thanks a lot for supporting.

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