How can I install apps from list - rather than manually installing them one by one and without root access?

I found way to share app list, it produces CSV file that should be machine readable.

But I cannot find out how to open this file on F-droid to install this apps.

Note that I am not interested in backuping app data - I am deliberately reinstalling phone and I will migrate wanted data on my own.

there’s no import (yet)


You could do it with GitHub - mvdan/fdroidcl: F-Droid desktop client if you are comfortable with command line, adb etc

Is it requiring root access?

ADB does not require root, just enable Developer options and and ADB access, see the Internet for info :wink:

Reminds me of the ancient My App List | F-Droid. A 2014 relic that still worked wonderfully on Android 11.

Used it to reinstall a bunch of apps when I had moved from stock to custom. Works with / will use any store available. Not as seamless as importing a list into a store but definitely reduced reinstall time.

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