Installed packages list

Hi there.

I’ve switched devices a couple of times. I use roughly the same bunch of packages on every device. I’ve tried to locate any option or file that contain my installed apps.

I found a SQlite file which contain them but it was deep inside the data folder for F-Droid in the root directory. Poked around in more user-accessible places, SD cards and whatnot but I didn’t find anything.

Is there any way to get a list of the installed packages, feed it into the F-Droid app on my new device and reinstall my previous installs? I guess just backing them up and push them to my new device could be an option but that can cause problems if there’s any compatibility issues. And then of course you can do it all manually.

Either there might not be such an option or I’m missing something obvious. I’ve noted that there’s a log option but I’m not entirely sure if this is something you can import, whether it applies to apps installed after I enabled it and where the log is placed.

I can recommend for batch operations with apps.

My app of choice for that is
Unfortunately it’s in the Archive now, but I hope it’ll get built sooner or

Guys I remember something, F-Droid’s settings > Expert mode > Keep install history
Where could I find that history?

You can see your installed apps on Settings > My Apps > Manage installed apps.

It doesn’t keep an app history though, and it doesn’t save to a file for later usage, but that would be great.