Google and Youtube clients shutdown

Nice one

This is actually an AWESOME idea!!!
We The People should actually register a Corporation and force those whom usurp our constitutional rights of privacy to respect them this way.
Means, those “register” in such corporations by being part of it or being the corporation itself then their rights would be respected under a set of rules. Is it possible?

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You are aware that the app will eventually stop working? the timing will depend on Google’s willingness to finish the issue.

I think this is a good thing. Google finances the open web and innumerable content creators. Something like 70% of Google’s turnover goes to web site operators and YouTube artists. A lot of the rest goes to pay the enormous architecture Google has built to make this content creation and distribution possible.

If you want to watch YouTube without ads, just buy a YouTube premium account. If you think it’s a bad thing that your account contains a list of what you’ve watched, then just don’t watch YouTube.

Trying to find ways around supporting the content creators whose work you watch is not the answer.

You’ve got to be devil’s advocating!

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I refuse to fund Google’s evil empire. I will support content creators in other ways such as patreon or github sponsors if they provide the option. If they don’t provide that option, that is there problem, not mine.

Wyatt Jackson

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Doesn’t this depend on the laws of each country? terms and conditions mean nothing if they are against the law.

IANAL TINLA, yes, and it is also not always a crime to violate TOS, depending on details… Court: Violating a site’s terms of service isn’t criminal hacking | Ars Technica

No google play protect can remove them if they want you need to turn it of and i don’t know what it does most apps downloaded from playstore are malware even recently i was reading that now scamers asking you to install a app from playstore and hijacking your device and steal money.

But still, you can easily use the Vanced old version to watch ads-free YouTube videos…