Google and Youtube clients shutdown

Google forces YouTube Vanced to shut down ‘due to legal reasons’

Vanced has been discontinued. In the coming days, the download links on the website will be taken down. We know this is not something you wanted to hear but it’s something we need to do. Thank you all for supporting us over the years.

— Vanced Official (@YTVanced) March 13, 2022

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Vanced was a modified Google client, right?

YouTube Vanced is a unique modded version of YouTube, which is extremely popular among the Android user community. It adds many different features which you won’t find in the standard official YouTube application from Google. Features such as built-in ad blocking, background play without YouTube Premium, themed themes and so much more. It has become an instant hit with those that use a lot of video on their mobile device.

Yes, Similar to NewPipe.

Yes, Similar to NewPipe.

No, they are not similar… NewPipe is an actual different app made by someone.

Vanced was Google’s app modified (illegally?).

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Features similar and developers different.

Yes, you are right.

But it was good that i found

That’s why I’ve insisted to explain the differences, as in it might not be something that might affect Newpipe or Libretube or Skytube and all the other apps that play from Youtube.

Then again…they can always nuke them too, a regex change and they’re offline :slight_smile:


True and Alphabet is famous for it.

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Facebook has attacked Barinsta, Friendly, etc which are just browsers/wrappers…

I hope Piped doesn’t get attacked by YT…

But yeah, very good point as they are different.

Facebook would probably have lost the legal case.
But developers are not willing to confront a corporation.

This would not be the case with Vanced, which is clearly illegal, so…

Hope not because if they do they need to do it with all browsers that block adds and stuff.

Was speaking of Newpipe and such.

I understand how/why Vanced is being shut down.

That was the “response for you”

This was a separate comment.

Gotcha. Wasn’t sure.

After YouTubeVanced got attacked by Google, will Newpipe meet the same fate?

Nooo that was a same app just modded in such a way that it could block ads and stuff but newpipe is written from scratch and open source not modded app of original youtube.

It can still be deem that it illegally accesses their service, like Moxie banned F-Droid from building Signal and use their network.

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I have a service - my web browsing. With it I loan my eyes to websites. My terms of web browsing service say 3rd party functions are forbidden to use, access, display or in any way function in my web browser when I loan my eyes to websites, except with my express permission. Many websites violate my terms. How do I stop these violations, and ban those entities? (1/2 :laughing: )