Google and Youtube clients shutdown

Google didn’t agree with your terms…but you did when you accessed their services

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This is only if accessed through a normal web browser. I don’t think Newpipe will be shut down, this would be the same as banning the use of X browser, or banning the use of X addon.

youtube-dl is still alive…

Is that really possible? I’m pretty sure that a fork could be built with another name…

Doesn’t this depend on the laws of each country? terms and conditions mean nothing if they are against the law.

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I know the position, but I believe it is wrong as in bad or immoral. Such interpretation comes from an improper change in the social contract (which requires no money other than taxation) of the Internet.

$ torify --isolate youtube-dl -F

$ torify --isolate youtube-dl -f 18

No money changes hands. Therefore, there is no contract. Therefore, there is no agreement.

They may or not feed me a

ERROR: unable to download video data: HTTP Error 403: Forbidden

Or they may give me a

[youtube] _0fhLF8a1nU: Downloading webpage
[youtube] _0fhLF8a1nU: Downloading MPD manifest
[download] Destination: How To Install F-Droid On Android-_0fhLF8a1nU.mp4
[download] 100% of 5.43MiB in 01:43

Regardless, putting stuff on the Internet does not entitle you to enforce a TOS from a view or even a click “to agree” to stuff almost nobody even reads. IMO. (IANAL)

You use Newpipe? Did you ever notice how sometimes (it was every 4-6 month at one point) it stops working and you need to wait for the app to update? Well… browsers still worked…

Newpipe is made of regex hacks on top of regex hacks :slight_smile:

They rejected LibreSignal from F-Droid, it was a fork, you know this already

Doesn’t this depend on the laws of each country? terms and conditions mean nothing if they are against the law.

Ever heard of “they are a private company” line of discourse?

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Regardless, putting stuff on the Internet does not entitle you

Regardless, finding stuff on the Internet does not entitle you… either

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I still don’t think there’s much chance of him being banned per se, maybe they’ll try to identify it and throttling or block bandwidth.
I guess they should ban commercial apps like youtube downloaders first.
I find some similarity with console emulators, and I am surprised that paid and propietary projects like Drastic are still alive.

I thought this was about being unwilling to go against the developers and not a legal issue.

It is both.

Moxie created his ‘idol’ figure, in math they trust, and in Moxie, so whatever he says it must be for privacy and security, everything else is hand waved as blasphemy. It’s all open source, well except the parts that they’re not. It’s all reproducible, except not in a FOSS way. It’s all hostable, except that no one does it. It’s all secure, but hosted in US and subject to its laws breaking local (ahem GDPR) laws. It’s all private, but tracked by the companies employed by SIgnal ( Matthew Prince 🌥 (@eastdakota): "Traffic to Signal exceeded Telegram in Ukraine for the first time." | nitter-unixfox )

We live by the goodwill of the devs, of course, else we’d be judged not by our intentions/actions (“if it’s open source I can build it, right? And distribute it?”) but in the way the dev (ahem Moxie) wants (“F-Droid abuses our services, F-Droid builds/signs the APK[1]”)

[1] funny/sad that if Moxie would want to launch another app on Android today, he’s forced to give they key to Google

Youtube-DL was once removed from github but so many spoke up they put it back. So I believe they were close to trying…

It’s not related, that was for another reason than Google, and it was Github’s decision, not a court decision.

IF so, it would be good news as it is operational again and would create a precedent that would shield other similar projects.

You’re gonna bet on that? C’mon… like MPAA/RIAA/whateveracronym just have insight into google infra to know “Oh look peeps not be using browser to see ads, they be using console tools like hakzorz”

IF so, it would be good news as it is operational again and would create a precedent that would shield other similar projects.

Yeah, because not-Microsoft forges can just do the same… let’s ask around… Hey Codeberg? Oh you…would…just take it down? Mmmmkay

/LE: added actual link

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As for my actual thought if YT could get rid of Newpipe. YT is a part of an umbrella company who has not only unlimited amounts of money but even more power and government ties.

Newpipe is FOSS software wrote by an average joe who would likely only have EFF & some others back him.

So if YT really wanted it gone, you should already know the outcome by now.

In similar cases these big companies only lose if it generates more bad publicity than they want so they back off on their own.
They have no care or thought about the actual legality of something, it doesn’t mean a thing.

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Remember the bad publicity Meta got when Barinsta got C&D? No? Me neither

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Exactly, FOSS apps that only a small group even knows about…

Also theres many shitty made YT apps like Snaptube that are more popular among avg users. I just don’t think as of right now those bother them so much.

YT Vanced being a clear modded/hacked version of their official app more than likely made the right people pissed as it is like laughing at them while taking money right out their pocket in person lol

Sure Sponserblock didn’t make their ad buddies happy either.

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This is the definition of “people who don’t have a clue are ruling”.
In no universe does this count as “protection”, this is absurd.

Maybe I was misunderstood, I meant that if a legal case goes to trial and the open source project wins, this creates a precedent for future references, and other similar projects benefit from it.
As I said before, no one is willing to confront a corporation, and understandably so.

Why would Github up and make a decision to remove something that effected them in no way?

There had to be influence…

It’s closed source, right? Doesn’t it also request SU? Idk why anyone here would be interested is something like that. Would be pissed if we were talking about newpipe, but we’re talking about something that’s probably spyware, right?

As long as Youtube Vanced isn’t removed from my device, either by the Vanced team, or by Google (with of which won’t do much good as I have backed up the files already), I don’t care all that much.

Using Play means they can remove whatever app they want from your device since they have, basically, a rootkit installed, right?

beep-bop Play Protect removed one malware app. Stay safe citizen