Fully translated/localized website ready for launch

The new, fully localized, translatable website is ready for launch! If you speak Tibetan, German, Spanish, French, Turkish, or Chinese, please try out this staging version of the website:


We put a lot of work into this site to make sure it works well both with and without Javascript. We want to ensure it works well with all browsers, including Tor Browser and those using NoScript.

Please report any issue here:

If you want to the website to support your language, then get involved in translation:

To follow the progress of getting this new site deployed on f-droid.org, see:


If you select “FR” (french) as language, the language is not kept in the session when clicking on an app in the search list. Seems working when clicking an url of “Last updated / Latest apps”, on F5 (refresh) too.

Yeah, there is a bug that always forces the search to go to English results… I believe @pserwylo is working on a fix

For me (de/en, javascript enabled/disabled) the BROWSE tab

  • technically works. Good!
  • fails for 93% of the apps for me as a human. Not good.

To elaborate on the second point: The BROWSE tab presents a fraction (1/45th) of a sorted list (oops, a linear linear list scales with n. Fine for small numbers, for larger numbers scaling with log n would be much preferred).

The information (besides app name) given in the list read like “Icon pack (GPL 3.0)”, “CM12/13 FLOSS Theme (GPL 3.0)”, “Icon pack (GPL 3.0)”, “Public transport navigator (GPL 3.0+)”, …

Note, I retyped the above information because they were not cut’n pastable. This probably qualifies me as someone who is willing to give some extra effort. You judge.

The sorted list is sorted to a single criterium: the criterium is: “Alphabetically ascending”.
This is a) technically extremely sound (good!), b) means nothing. In the sense of NOTHING (not good).

I know that on the phone (fdroid app) a hierarchical listing (like “New”, “Recently”, "“Development”, “Games”, …) is available. Which would typically reduce my time of searching by a factor of 10. TEN. This is a handicap factor for web users where something like this comes to mind “are others really going to take this/is that path of finding information really used/am I just the only one/am I’m really so off-track/what are computers for/why did I pay twice as much for my monitor than for my (medium to medium upper) smart phone”? I proceed to the second page upping me up to about ~4% of success, then the 3rd page (~ 7% success which is the above mentioned 93% failure. Your personal tolerance might be different but I you’ll have a hard time scanning through the alphabetically sorted first 50% (just time it!) if you’re in the mood of “I just to get things work”).

The categories on the phone allow reducing human interaction time by a factor of ten (±something). Additional sort criteria are available “app X looks similar to/often installed/users who installed, also/recently gained lots of installs”. Oops, alarm is ringing (I consider myself privacy aware, others consider me very privacy aware) but I would be willing to feed an opt-in database with installed(or even used) applications and the some self indicated categories I’m mostly interested in. Just to make things scale. Scale. SCALE.

My post may sound like a rant but I really mean to express something different:
a) there is more work needed to have an efficient work flow for the casual user.
b) For all that has been achieved it is nowhere close. For this goal I expect 6 man months of work. And (to my esteem) not be there (It’s also about smoothness and growth model too). Thanks for all that has been done! THANKS!

‪Would you mind adding Persian Language too?

I’d be happy to add Persian. You’re quite close to finishing the
translation. Here are the requirements for adding a language to the new

For example, the About page should at least be translated first, right
now its just the “chrome” strings. The About page is in this section:

Also, Persian will be the first Right-to-Left language for the new
website. We’ll need help there since the website will surely have
problems with Right-to-Left languages, especially since there will
almost always have some English mixed in (app descriptions, docs, blog

ZH_HANS and no NB_NO on the test page, I see how it is :blush:

Right now, its hard for us to support lots of languages on the website
due to technical reasons. So supporting a language understood by over 1
billion people who mostly do not understand English (zh_Hans) vs a
language spoken by 5 million people who almost all speak English (nb)
seems like a easy decision.

If the launch goes smoothly, then we’ll start adding more languages. I
hope to also get all languages on Weblate onto https://testy.at.or.at so
that translators can see their work very quickly.

I translated About, Contribute, Issues and main Docs pages in‌ Persian. Can you add it to https://testy.at.or.at for checking if everything is alright?

I triggered a build for testy.at.or.at. It should finish in 1-4 hours,
then it should have all languages that Weblate lists.

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‪The Persian page should have dir="RTL" and lang="fa" in HTML tag and I see no other big issues there.

The website v1.0 launched with 8 languages: https://f-droid.org v1.1 deployed last night, adding Ukrainian. We’re close to tagging a release with Persian too :slight_smile:

That sounds promising! Could you submit a merge request or an issue about that?

I did: https://gitlab.com/fdroid/fdroid-website/issues/151

I cannot see any difference between the mentioned test page and the official one. Both provide the same incomplete translation state. testy.at.or.at doesn’t show any recent changes of translations like I’ld expect it from this thread.

Is this still a problem? If so, which part in particular is not being

Yes, it is! The main pages (Discovery, Docs, … About) are translated but all (really all!) linked sub pages are waiting for it although some of them should be completed.

Best regards

Furthermore there are a couple of strings on the site that don’t correspond with the weblate strings anymore. They were obviously changed afterwards without updating them on weblate, e.g. first phrase on “Contribute” ends with “You can help:” on the site, with “You can help in the following ways:” on weblate. Other example the License section on “About”.

I think we need some help getting the gettext tools to update the translation files. I did update the “.pot” template file, but I guess that is not enough

One more.

Besides the articles about “F-Droid conquers Cuba” and “Let’s celebrate F-Droid 1.0” that weren’t included on Weblate, 100% of the news, summarized as Website Posts on Weblate, are translated, but none is visible regardless of being outdated in the meantime. Apparently this was only a little finger exercise for translators.

Yep, it seems there’s a lot of work left. At the moment it’s an unsatisfying patchwork and the headline of this thread sounds like a joke. Sorry!