Fossify Phone no contacts

I have just installed the new Fossify Phone application. I have not denied any permissions yet the application can not access my contact list. Call history is present, but not contacts. I ask here because I know Naveen is a contributor on this forum.

For your info

Fossify Developer and Me are not the same person

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Can you try sync contacts on your device

Device Settings

Account & sync

Sync Contacts

Sync Now

& also mainly

Set Default as Fossify Phone App

My apologies. I was misled by the name similarity.

I had already set Phone as the default. The only sync option I can find is to first set my contacts as Google contacts, which of course I have blocked.

Some sort of synchronisation must have taken place automatically because call history is present as well as O2 presets.

Check these Permission Enabled in Fossify Phone App Info Settings

Call logs




Yes they were all allowed.

Working with other third party apps like Simple Dialer, Koler?

Simple Contacts works with Simple Dialler, but not Koler. The permissions for Simple Contacts are Contacts and Phone, but it is not clear to me if those refer to specific apps or are general categories that include all contact apps and all phones.

Are you store simple contacts in device storage?

There is an option to store contacts in device with Simple Contacts

If store the contacts in device it only visible to Simple Contacts, Simple Dialer and Simple Sms Message App.

Not visible to other apps.

Contacts are stored in the SD card, not the internal storage.

wait what do you mean? :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

What I said. In Contacts “Storage and cache 20.40 MB used in external storage” which when clicked shows “Storage used Sandisk SD card”

How did you sync your contacts

Via google or davx5 or in device?

I don’t remember ever synchronising anything. As far as I recall I entered all the names and numbers manually into Simple Contacts.

Working with phone default app?

Contacts does not work with Fossify phone or Google phone, but it does with Simple phone.

Try this…

Export your contacts from simple contacts & import to fossify contacts.

Fossify contacts app will update in next index on F-Droid.

I exported contacts as a vcf file to Downloads, but where do I import them to? There is no Fossify contacts app yet, and no option to import to Fossify phone.