Fennec fdroid and/or icecat suggestion

Hello everyone
I searched and found a post rather similar to this (Why are some apps not movable to SD card?) but it was not a request, so i thought to create this.

I completely understand why Mozilla won’t let anymore the users transfer the firefox to sd card, because most people in Google play aren’t geeks so they only complaint if the app takes long time for startup and …

But what about here?
What about the fennec fdroid that isn’t linked to mozilla and also because most people in here are geek enough to know the problems with transfering apps to sd card?

I would like to suggest if may, please change the minifest of fennec fdroid and/or icecat so we can transfer them to sd card.

Another solution can be User change apk file with apkeditor or appcloner but that isn’t safe method because although they are trustworthy we don’t know if may be them put something for tracking in the apk file.

So i thought to request this from you, please

Specifically the newest version of firefox is far more bigger than before so the ones with phones that has low storage can’t use it and will be in dangers of using old version system webview.

Thank you


Android OS > System > Developer Options > Force allow apps on external (all the way near end)

will do this for you, generally, w/o resorting to the nuclear options above. :sunglasses:

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Thank you very much :slight_smile:
but unfortunately my phone don’t have this option in developers menu
may be because of low android version or brand. :thinking:


Thanks for pointing out that this is a feature that can be specified in the manifest. I will be adding installLocation="auto" to my manifest.


Thank you very much
Your app is great and i also missed it because of same reason.
Also because if i remember correctly, you had plan to use a separate webview from system, your app will be a great solution for insecure webview in kitkat for low end devices with low storage.

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Note that it is likely to be a couple more years before Privacy WebView is released. By that time, I anticipate that KitKat will no longer be in common usage. Also, I do not believe that KitKat has the proper OS plumbing to allow the replacement of the built-in WebView via an APK. Support for that was added in API 21.

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Sorry for late reply.
Oh, Thanks.
With the 3rd party script blocking that your app has and specifically the certificate pinning it has, do you think will be any major security problem with using it for sensitive things in kitkat?
what is your opinion?

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KitKat is affected by https://www.stoutner.com/kitkat-security-problems/, although most websites now don’t use any of the cipher suites that allow this to be exploited.

Between browsing with JavaScript disabled and the integrated blocklists, Privacy Browser does a pretty good job on KitKat. But, because there are so many documented and unpatched vulnerabilities in the base operating system, I think it would be foolish to do anything sensitive on KitKat, no matter which browser you are using.

Oh, isee
Thank you very much
also i have a question because of criusity, is really unsafe someone use a updated browser (with updated engine) without updating OS itself?

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