"Fennec F-Droid" anti-features

Dear F-Droid Team and Fans: Firstly, I LOVE F-DROID!
I have a question regarding the “Fennec F-Droid” app (org.mozilla.fennec_fdroid) I’ve past it by for years due to the anti-feature “This app tracks and reports your activity”. But, I wondered if anyone might be able to tell me a little more about it, what is tracked, who it’s shared with, is there ways to disable any tracking, etc…? Anything/Everything Pro/Con to help me either pass it or try it.
Thanks everyone for your time and consideration, and I appreciate the advice. Thanks again. Sincerely,

I don’t know what exactly Mozilla collects, you should look at their privacy policy.

Without root, the only way I can think is in a VPN-based DNS adblocker or firewall and putting there all Mozilla domains (see code below), like DNS66 or NetGuard (This is a firewall, for blocking domains or IP it needs a pay feature)
-This way the battery can be drained a little.

Unfortunately, the best way to disable tracking is to have root permissions:
Reminder to never use suspicious software for rooting the phone, Magisk is the only way, a rooted phone means you can gain in privacy in return for losing security, AFWall+ in deny-mode is almost essential

You can disable tracking activities/services inside the app with (p.e.) App Manager.

You can also block connections through hosts file (AdAway), and put these domains on the custom blacklist, I can’t guarantee it’s 100% completed, Leanplum is missing and it also connects to Google:


P.S. Probably you can disable the servicies/activities/receivers without root, through ADB commands, just like AppManager does, but I don’t know how exactly is.

To Mozilla privacy is merely another word of no import. Telemetry is enabled by default. Many many many antiprivacy options have no user exposed controls to disable.

See also github ghacks user.js

Mozilla like fbook and Google are data companies offering candy to children.

@relan I thought this is a good thread to ask in: could you detail what tracking is still left in Fennec? and how hard would it be to remove what is left?

by the way, Waterfox Android was one attempt to produce a completely tracking-free Firefox fork, but development is stalled for now.

could you detail what tracking is still left in Fennec?

Can’t really add anything to the description: https://f-droid.org/en/packages/org.mozilla.fennec_fdroid/

What data is collected by Mozilla is a good point of a research.

that’s supposedly known because it’s published in the Firefox privacy notice (2020-12-10 archive.org). it’s an amazingly long list, so much so that one has to deep-dive to see which trackers your scripts remove and which not.

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