Fdroid with Family link

Is it possible to use fdroid on a device that is protected by family link ?
It seems i can’t grant fdroid the necessary rights, becuaae google play does not know the fdroid app.

Trying to escape your parents? :))

Not sure you can then, your device is under the Google grip…

I don’t know what “family link” is, if its a Google thing, perhaps there is something on their support site? If you do find something out, please post back here!

Google Family Link : < 13 years (?)
F-Droid tos : > 13 years (?)

I’m not sure on-board Lithium battery based fits <13, but definitely believe that a Free Droid Project should focus on 13-16 age range (educational for all ?).

btw, seems also F-Droid is not a threat to human kind :

: https://www.zdnet.com/article/uk-police-distance-themselves-from-poster-warning-parents-to-report-kids-for-using-kali-linux/

g no , i want to help my sun to escape whatsapp.

In a internal event in the school of my sun, there was a discussion
about social media.

The teachers were well prepared, also with help of

Unfortunately fdroid, or conversations as an alternative to whatsapp does not appear there anywhere :frowning:

That is the reason why i installed fdroid and conversations on the smartphone of my sun.
The smartphone is linked with my account via google family link,
while conversations (installed via fdroid) is still working, the fdroid is no longer usable.

Why are you using Google anything?
Contact them to whitelist F-Droid?

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