Fdroid with Family link

Is it possible to use fdroid on a device that is protected by family link ?
It seems i can’t grant fdroid the necessary rights, becuaae google play does not know the fdroid app.

Trying to escape your parents? :))

Not sure you can then, your device is under the Google grip…

I don’t know what “family link” is, if its a Google thing, perhaps there is something on their support site? If you do find something out, please post back here!

Google Family Link : < 13 years (?)
F-Droid tos : > 13 years (?)

I’m not sure on-board Lithium battery based fits <13, but definitely believe that a Free Droid Project should focus on 13-16 age range (educational for all ?).

btw, seems also F-Droid is not a threat to human kind :

: https://www.zdnet.com/article/uk-police-distance-themselves-from-poster-warning-parents-to-report-kids-for-using-kali-linux/