Fdroid very slow

I have been using fdroid for a while, but not until recently, every download takes such a long time. It even takes a while to update. Overall the repos seems very slow. Any solutions ?
Thank you

Nope, not really, slow when downloading stuff you mean?

Its gotten better today, but till yesterday it was becoming unusable. I love fdroid and hope this was just a one time thing.

The (proxy-)servers are overloaded. Also see this topic with details:

You can try to disable slow mirrors via settings -> Repositories -> F-Droid
You can also add more mirrors by adding them like repos e.g. https://fdroid.fi-do.io/fdroid/repo?fingerprint=43238D512C1E5EB2D6569F4A3AFBF5523418B82E0A3ED1552770ABB9A9C9CCAB
You can find additional mirrors here.

This will fix the slow downloads but not the slow loading of icons and slow syncing of the index because they use the main address. To change that you have to remove the F-Droid repo and re-add it with a mirror url e.g.:

To go back to default use this url:

The alternative F-Droid client Aurora Droid already uses a different mirror for icons AFAIK

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