Failed to find any output apks




I’m trying to set up my own fdroid server for testing metadata. I installed fdroidserver via apt (Debian 9), downloaded the android sdk, changed $PATH, initialize the repo, read the metadata.
When I try to build an app, I see the following error:

INFO: Successfully built version 2.0.31 of org.openhab.habdroid
ERROR: Could not build app org.openhab.habdroid: Failed to find any output apks
INFO: Finished.
INFO: 1 builds failed

Find finds an apk:

$ find build/org.openhab.habdroid/ -name "*apk" -type f


I installed fdroidserver via apt (Debian 9)

It might be too old to handle recent Android Gradle plugin. Try fdroidserver from git.


Yeah, in general, when building apps with fdroidserver, you need to use the git version. The Debian packages are stable enough for most of the other things it can do, like making and publishing repos from APK files.