F-Droid Twitter and Mastodon Accounts


I think it was @hans.


I’m not setup on Mastodon at all yet, so that comment didn’t come from me


Oh, then I don’t have an idea who posted that… :thinking:. @Coffee ?

Did I actually ever send you the credentials, @hans?


I don’t recall if I got them or not. I think I’d rather not have them, since I already have too many keys/passwords to F-Droid things.


As far as I know, only @Bubu, @Coffee and me have access to F-Droid’s Mastodon account. If it wasn’t @Coffee’s post, we have a problem here.


Take it down (is it possible?) and see who screams.


imho, despite being both a true professional solution, Twitter and Reddit are heavily & officialy hijacked by political elected propagandists, and thus should be boycotted by F-Droid to avoid ugly 'screenshot collisions".

Considering Facebook “fraudulent financial monopoly”, it would be a fair return, to use a Facebook account to solely track all known fraudulent forks of f-droid …


I am going to have to disagree with this one.
While Twitter is heavily used by politicians, many of them distasteful, I still think a large part of our target audience is on twitter and while screenshot collissions may be unfortunate, they are just that: screenshot collissions. People could manufacture those without the major platforms.

I would support being on Twitter and Facebook with one caveat:

All posts to twitter and facebook should have a link to a toot on mastodon. (Twitter should simply be crossposted; Facebook doesn’t allow that any more.) Further, the description and about page should more or less simply advertise our mastodon presence as our “real” social media presence. Twitter and Facebook should always be second class citizens and we should be trying to recruit people to mastodon or to simply follow our blog for news.


I sent it. What is your actual question?


Context? Forum thread? Anything? This seems out of the blue…not sure what’s the F-Droid connection (I mean we do have in the repo: Conversations& one clones with OMEMO, Briar, Ring and Riot connected to this e2ee topic) ?


I wanted to link to a clear simple e2e explanation in #twif. Our followers might have known something that didn’t come up in my search, but unfortunately nothing usable came up.

I probably didn’t phrase the question right. Oh well. :man_shrugging:


Alright, @Coffee, it was just missing some context. For the next time, I would have phrased it like this:

Can anyone recommend a good explanation of #e2e #crypto that even a 5-year-old could understand? Ideally with clear pictures and diagrams.
We want to link that in our next TWIF.

And leave out this part:

Of course the website shouldn’t throw popups in your face or track you up the wazoo. Bonus points if it renders well with javascript disabled.


Does anyone object to following @gael@mastodon.social with our F-Droid account?

This is the listed contact for https://e.foundation, something I think we should support and follow as F-Droid. Appears to be low-traffic.


If eelo aka /e/ is officially using F-Droid, then I’m OK with it.



@hans if they are not, it’s still an interesting project to follow for f-droid. Maybe we can nudge them toward it even :-).


sure. I’ve already been working on the nudging :slight_smile:


Can you share something there? :slight_smile:


Looks like not. Does this sound familiar? https://e.foundation/applications/

Wonder if they’ve ever heard of F-Droid.


When I read Twitter official Enforcing New Rules to Reduce Hateful Conduct and Abusive Behavior , I don’t see any unfortunate hazards in the implications of the tactical “…consider exceptions…” as juridically described there (this week is quite a demonstration…).

And what about Green Code Computing ? Both Twitter & Reddit are classified red F (conversely to Facebook: green A).
And if Mastodon is 200% ok with F-Droid purpose, syncing a copy is just a real quantifiable waste of watt(s).

Thus, I still (sadly) believe that F-Droid should consider gambit accounts on both Twitter & Reddit.


they have heard of F-Droid, I’ve discussed it with them.