F-Droid Twitter and Mastodon Accounts



Weird. Their material kind of reads like, “We’re going to re-implement F-Droid from scratch without ever mentioning F-Droid.”

That’s obviously a pretty bad-faith reading, but still, I wonder what’s up with that. More information would be helpful.


If we follow @gael@mastodon.social we should also follow (and nudge :smiley:) @todd@social.puri.sm


I’ll be on vacation mostly without internet for 3.5 weeks.

@NicoAlt @Coffee So I guess it’s on you to maintain the account. Anyone else feels like they need access to it?


Enjoy your vacation!


Yup, now it’s official:

we will provide an /e/ application repository! Despite lots of work, it’s not yet ready. We are maintaining a base of about 60,000 Android applications, synced daily, and have built a web-site to search for these apps and download them. We have started to develop an installer that we will build into the /e/ operating system. This will provide more information about application privacy, trackers, license details etc. This should be ready in the next few weeks. Until then, you can use Yalp Store and F-droid for sourcing additional apps.


Looks like it is an F-Droid whitelabel build. Checkout the screenshot on the right:


Also, I think we should be promoting Purism over eelo since Purism has a strong, clearly demonstrated commitment to free software. Its true that Purism’s mobile OS doesn’t use F-Droid since its not Android, eelo seems a bit fast and loose on free software. For example, their beta includes a fully proprietary maps app.


We’ve been inundated with questions about the SET antifeature. I sent out a general toot saying we’re aware of it, linking to the issue. I’ve pinned it so it stays visible.


FTR, I don’t think that just following someone on Mastodon directly equals promoting them.

Ouch. :confused:
Worse is that good alternatives exist.


We hit 4K followers on Mastodon last night or early this morning. :partying_face:

The counter currently stands at 4002.


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