F-Droid Twitter and Mastodon Accounts


@Coffee now has access to the mastodon account to announce the weekly TWIF and gather feedback.


I have some questions on PR strategies of the Mastodon account. As I also have access to the two accounts and are more or less responsible for the Spanish speaking part, I wanted to ask how we want to handle this in the future. Should I only reply to Spanish toots or do we also want to toot things in Spanish? The same questions goes for German and in the future maybe for other languages.

I think it would be cool if we also use our language knowledges, although it could seem a little bit spammy to have three toots for one thing. Issues like this could solve that:

If we decide to do that, we have to find out a way how we can coordinate the translations. One way I see is asking here in this topic for translations of a toot to be posted. I would reply as soon as I read the notification mail.

Another thing is the question of posting links to “old” news. As the account is pretty young, some people maybe not know of some articles that could be interesting. One article that I have in mind and that is fully translated into Spanish is the one about activities in Cuba:


Can I toot about this in Spanish on the Mastodon account? Should I also post in English/German then?


Good questions! I’m new to this whole Mastodon thing, as well as to the deeper F-Droid internals.

I know you can filter out toots in the public timeline based on language. No idea what happens if you do one toot containing several languages… Might want to stick to one language per toot until we figure this out.


I’m all for that! I’d at least also post this in English. Not sure about German, it’s not particularily relevant to German speaking people and most of them know English I guess?

I don’t yet have an opinion for the more general question about tooting in multiple languages.


I’ve just enabled cross-posting retweets from Twitter to Mastodon. I did this because occasionally something interesting shows up in the twitter timeline which I then prodceed to retweet there. This way mastodon users miss out on this unless I manually copy this over.

I’ve configured the crossposter to post the retweeted content to mastodon though, without a link to the original Tweet on twitter. This way people on Mastodon will get to see the content from twitter but won;t be redirected to twitter.