F-droid shows empty list after installing one app

I have the same problem as F-droid stops working after installing 1 app
I have a brand new phone with android 10, I just downloaded F-droid from the website, and installed it. It could download the list of apps, and I was able to install one app. Then when I start F-droid again, the list of apps is empty and it tells me that no app is installed, and that everything is up-to-date

Pull to refresh, update to F-Droid 1.10-alpha1 (F-Droid app details-> expand versions), retry, report

thanks for the fast reply. I have swiped my finger down to refresh, but it still says “everything is up to date” and the list of apps is empty, there is not even F-droid itself.

oh wait. After I wrote my previous message, I looked at my phone and the list of apps was showing! Now the list of installed apps is not empty anymore. This forum is Magic! Should I still update to v1.10-alpha1?

Just in case it may help you, when I first installed F-droid yesterday, I had the same problem (unusable after installing one app) so using the android system I cleared the cache and all the data of the app, then it worked again, I could install one app, and then it was blank again! I repeated the whole thing 3 times… Same scenario always.

I sometimes encounter similiar issues but it will disappear after reenabling the repo or something else. You can try other clients e.g. Foxy Droid or Aurora Droid.

Which device? Android version?

Do test latest alpha, it helps with the feedback :slight_smile:

device: Xiaomi redmi 9, android: 10 QP1A.190711.020

I just did it, fingers crossed :wink:

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