F-Droid roles



Here we’re gathering existing roles within F-Droid. For more details, see the forum thread that started this.

This is a wiki. Feel free to add any roles you think exist, add yourself, discuss, edit, etc.

F-Droid client maintainer

Summary : You oversee development of the F-Droid app, triage and handle issues, review and merge Merge Requests.
Skills : Experience with developing Android apps
Required : Android app developing environment, e.g. Android Studio.

Current F-Droid client maintainers

None . We urgently need a new maintainer for the F-Droid app.

Repository maintainer

Summary : The main repository is built from a collection of metadata. You are responsible for keeping this metadata up to date for one or more apps. This includes such things as where the source code is, textual descriptions, and build recipes.
Skills : (tbd)
Required : (tbd)

Current repository maintainers

F-Droid job board
F-Droid job board