F-Droid roles

Here we’re gathering existing roles within F-Droid. For more details, see the forum thread that started this.

This is a wiki. Feel free to add any roles you think exist, add yourself, discuss, edit, etc.

F-Droid client maintainer

Summary : You oversee development of the F-Droid app, triage and handle issues, review and merge Merge Requests.
Skills : Experience with developing Android apps
Required : Android app developing environment, e.g. Android Studio.

Current F-Droid client maintainers

:rotating_light: None . We urgently need a new maintainer for the F-Droid app. :rotating_light:

Note: the app is still maintained for security issues and critical bugs, and specific goal-directed grant-funded work is done on it as well. But we need someone who can triage bug reports, MRs, and fix open bugs, as well as generally develop the app and improve it.

Repository maintainer

Summary : The main repository is built from a collection of metadata. You are responsible for keeping this metadata up to date for one or more apps. This includes such things as where the source code is, textual descriptions, and build recipes.
Skills : (tbd)
Required : (tbd)

Current repository maintainers

Former job roles

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Packaging Repomaker as Flatpak

Summary: Repomaker is a django web application that lets people create their own f-droid repo without requiring any special knowledge. You can try it out at repomaker.grobox.de.
To let people install it on their desktops, we want to bundle repomaker with PyQt and distribute it as a flatpak.

This is where you come in. We were already able to make a running flatpak of repomaker which now only misses its quite extensive list of dependencies. We would appreciate any help with one or more of the project’s issues in order to be able to release repomaker to flathub soon.
Skills: Experience with packaging flatpaks
Required: Linux environment with flatpak-builder
Contact: @NicoAlt on project’s issue tracker, #fdroid-dev on IRC, #fdroid-dev:f-droid.org on Matrix