F-Droid privileged extension install failed

When I turn my equipment off and on again, this error appears:
F-Droid privileged extension install failed

What the problem?

Did you try to install the privileged extension or does that error message come out of the blue?
If you did try, what did you do exactly? Do you have root and TWRP?

This error message come out of the blue! I don’t have root.

Is necessary install the privileged extension? How I do?

You can’t install, it’s unnecessary :slight_smile:

I don’t understand a thing, If I to use the F-Droid I need to install the privileged extension?

No you don’t. The privileged extension is never necessary.
Though I have no idea where that error message came from.

It’s in class “InstallExtensionDialogActivity.java” on line 242.

Is this about your custom fork again? If so please keep it in the same thread… we can’t answer questions about that one, specially when you don’t specify it. We can only treat it like a bug for the official version.


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