F-Droid is in a better position to popularize open-source than Linux desktop itself

Because Android is a very popular operating system and a lot of users do turn to 3rd party app stores. F-droid should consider making a Youtube channel getting the ideals and the fact that it exists out there. I know Youtube isn’t particularly open source but- it’s a good start for getting the attention of users and even more developers to make great apps for the store potentially benifiting open-source community quite a bit.

Some things they should make clear is and in no specific order,

That F-droid is open-source
Tell what open source means
That all apps on the store is open source
Mention that apps are less data hungry due to Fdroid requirements of apps being opensource.

Because this would be particularly aimed at the masses but also open source users.

Also because of how Youtube ranks videos in search resualts, there might need to be more than one video made but no rush into making a bunch in a short time period.

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I don’t think anyone cares about if it is we already have a lots of users using linux as linux is already in youtube lots of creators make videos but we as a human(not me) have a bad psychological problem that default is good whatever it is though we know chrome is bad a kindof spyware but still we use that and so on. But having a youtube or peartube account is not a bad idea i support that.
We can try.

What the world needs is more f-droid youtubes?

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With open source apps essentally being free (not aways) but essentially if we could get more users and developers we coud really start to see some great apps such as open source games, photo editors and more with more people finding out that Fdroid is a thing.

Also what i’m saying is we need an offical F-droid account and to create ads trailers and the like about F-droid.

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IMHO, I think F-Droid is best placed how it is today. YT, TTR, IG, etc no doubt being channels, but they defy the realm of the point for open stuff and privacy. Again this is my opinion, not saying others opine the same. :slight_smile:

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Some targeted ads on FacebookMeta and Google would be nice indeed

/it’s a joke, you get it, right? I hope :slight_smile:


I think true if you see a very good projects such as
In linux Gnome , kde, libre office, blender inkscape, gimp and lot they have a youtube and provide info on there release. I also think having a youtube and peertube is essential.

Not sure which part of https://f-droid.org/en/about/ is unclear exactly.

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There is no official fdroid account in youtibe or peeertube

Are we lost in translation?

F-Droid respects your privacy. We don’t track you, or your device. We don’t track what you install. You don’t need an account to use the client, and it sends no additional identifying data when communicating with our web servers, other than its version number. We don’t even allow you to install other applications from the repository that track you, unless you first enable ‘Tracking’ in the AntiFeatures section of preferences. Any personal data you decide to give us (e.g. your email address when registering for an account to post on the forum) goes no further than us, and will not be used for anything other than allowing you to maintain your account.

…means, also, that encouraging you to use Youtube we’d agree it’s a good service.

Regarding Peertube, that might be better, maybe, then again everyone is free to make F-Droid related videos. “Official” doesn’t mean much, imho.

You are forgetting that everyone involved does what they want, that might be code, checking apps, translate, complain.


Did you read F-Droid discord server? yet?

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Yes i agree but privacy is nothing fdroid is usless if we can’t reach to everyone and give them the info that what play store does what we does what is open source what is linux what is gpl what is gnu what is aosp root and so on if we don’t show them that we exist then we can’t provide any privacy it is like a cave where privacy is a thing and outside privacy is a myth and most don’t know that cave actually exists.
We need to include others also we want a wide user who is not aware of that tracking and what to get out of that.
If you never provide a info that chrome is a spyware then none will consider using firefox or other alternative.
And official means you are mistaken.
Just a example tutanota they also a good provider and don’t even use any google seevices play or anything they also have it like that

And simply if google took foss project linux and make chrome os and android as a data collection tool then we can use there service to spread privacy.

Tutanota is a service provider and also has price tags. FD is robo by various volunteers. Why do you want to make it complicated by asking to go to alphabet or miraei etc?
FD is liked by millions and that too without needing those conglomarates…

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The people likely to see the about already know about open source and Linux or have friends and family that happen to share it it with them.

Most users on Youtube aren’t that but are people who would be interested in the idea non copyrighted apps that users can use and share friendly, even tho open source apps technically are, the licenses treat them as if they were public domain.

With copyright getting more and mre strict, either because of laws or voluntrary copyright scannings.

So mostly the points aimed at masses through places like Youtube be about how apps are open source, The app store itself is open source. What is open source, maybe even making a comparision of open source to the public domain of copyright.

Yes i understand. But my commend was just if we what to make a peertube then youtube also good.

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What I understand is that FD really is good where it is. Trust me, when things start churning, all things go haywire.

@human YOU can do that, zealot for us pls!!!111 No one stops you :slight_smile:

Better yet, recommendation from you/others work better than “official F-Droid PR”, imho are more honest (aka one of the issue with ADS in general is that they are dishonest and biased)


Yes sure i will make some
And fdroid is equal to love

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Android is a modified version of Linux. If F-droid being a modified Linux would attempt to compete in Desktop it would still qualify as a Linux-based Desktop.

What you are saying can you elaborate.