F-Droid is in a better position to popularize open-source than Linux desktop itself


is a tracking site too Privacy On Phone - #26 by justsomeguy

Here we go 'round in circles
like a bird up in the sky

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true just did some reserches now WE HAVE AN ANDROID APP!
and some things are against what fdroid stands for

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IANAL, work in progress, etc, but I poked around a little.

Above Link says

License used:



Apache license? Is that normal, to mix?

Also, where is the list of contributors, or statement of copyright with contact info and jurisdiction? I couldn’t find those for f-droid client either (in other thread), is it normal practice?

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Post an example for other apps that have “statement of copyright with contact info and jurisdiction” and that contributor list.

Also, why is that a MUST?

/LE: it appears MIT and Apache2 are both permissive and they can be mixed, what I don’t know for sure is if the whole app is now Apache2.

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