F-Droid Contributor Meeting

There have been some ideas about an F-Droid developer contributor meeting this year. We should first gather a list of people who’d be interested in joining and then decide on a time and place this should happen.
Hans said there would probably be funding for this.

So, pinging: @ciaran @hans @NicoAlt @pserwylo @relan @mimi89999 @cdesai @grote @uniqx @tobiasKaminsky

Anyone I forgot?


I can only mention 10 users per post… so here we go: @Licaon_Kter @hotlittlewhitedog @thermatk @est31

Yeah, I’m interested in joining! Thank you for bringing it up!

Oh, that’s not a good UX. I did a quick search in Discourse’s configuration, but did not find one. If somebody knows that parameter, please ping me.

I found an old discussion on discourse meta:

So I guess a @developers group would be the fix.

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@cdesai has an account now as well :slight_smile:


Thank you for that hint, I will try it.

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great idea. As we have now a little baby time is maybe the most problem…
So, I’ll see what dates and location you choose and only then can say if I can join.

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Torsten is interested but doesn’t have a forum account :slight_smile:

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So I set up a group for them with all the people @Bubu mentioned. If somebody feels they should belong to that group, too, feel free to request access.

Information: I have set up that only members of the group can use the tag @contributors to limit spam.

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I’m interested in an F-Droid meeting.

Perhaps we should call the core group something different than “developers” since there are other important jobs like translators, community manager, designer, app reviewer, etc. We could go something like “core team” or just “core”. Or maybe “contributors”.


You are right, I rename the thread to contributor meeting, I think this is a better term for what we are aiming for.

In other notes I totally forgot to ping Izzy, but he seems no to have a Forum account, I’ll write him an email.

Yes, shame on me: I didn’t yet create an account :hushed: Done now. And yes, I’d be interested as well!


I think so, too, and therefore renamed the newly created developers group to @contributors. And added @Izzy to it. Great to have you in the forum!

Thanks @NicoAlt ! That step was overdue :wink:

Oh, and thanks for all the badges!

I’m interested too. I would like to get more involved in F-Droid.


@gsantner What about you?

I’d love to come along to any such meeting, but I think being in Australia is a bit of a blocker. However I’d make every effort to try and join in with any discussion that took place (e.g. video conferencing). I often forget how big a project F-Droid really is, until I go and talk about it among free software enthusiasts and realise that almost every single one of them has heard of, or uses, F-Droid. I’ve seen much smaller projects have physical get together with their contributors.

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The goal would be to get enough funding to bring people from all over the world, Australia included. I understand it is a long trip though :slight_smile:

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@gsantner What about you?

Sorry didn’t look into the forum for some days :D. Thanks for asking and I do really appreciate that. Depending on location and date I would be happy to join.

(As I heard Australia e.g. :: I’m from central europe :D)

@NicoAlt : @ Bubu told me to ask you - Could you please add me to the Forum F-Droid Contributor list / the tag on the right side?