F-Droid Contributor Meeting



Done, great to have you here!


As I can’t assist to your online meetings, is it possible to have a minute meeting (really short summary) ?


Coincidentally @Coffee just started last week to incorporate the meeting notes into TWIF


haaaaa good :popcorn:


Oh hai o/

I’d also be interested in meeting all y’all. Already met @Bubu last FOSDEM. :​)


@hans How do we proceed now?

First step is deciding on a time where all/most core-contributors have time I guess. As we are now in mid-may we’d be aiming for August earliest probably.

Next question though is how long this meeting should be. And rather on a weekend or week days? My first intuitive guess would be something like 3 days, Friday to Sunday.

If we have sorted this out we can create a doodle (or comparable alternative) poll to decide on a actual date.



seems like the next step is for there is be a “organizing committee”,
the people who will organize the event, submit funding requests, etc.


I’d guess the location isn’t unimportant either. To put two extremes: if it’s “next door”, I’d happily attend at any “full 3-day weekend”. But if it’s on the other side of the globe, apart from travel cost I’d rather try to match that with a longer (vacation) stay, making it harder to fit “just any weekend”.

But not belonging to the core team, I better keep my ball low – so please consider the above just “thinking out loud” :wink:


https://framadate.org/ is a FLOSS alternative to Doodle, we can use that :slight_smile:


@Poussinou they are funny: “no registration required” – but you need to specify an email address, and a name (at least to create a poll; other participants seem not to need that).
Fine with me.


Email address => sensitive data, check RGPD rules lol


I think one key factor is whether @CiaranG will agree to come, and where he is willing to travel to. Since he’s the founder of F-Droid and runs the core infrastructure. He’s in the UK.


How many devs and how much blood do you need to summon an elder god like @ciaran :slight_smile: :slight_smile: ?

Anyway, the place of meeting has to be a bus-less one, right? :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


@Izzy Just a way for you to track your survey. I trust Framadate (build by Framasoft) at least as much as F-Droid.


I wasn’t complaining. And yes, that’s how I understood it. And as I wrote: “Fine with me” :wink:


I think someone just needs to try to get an answer from @CiaranG on this. I don’t think he must be there for it to be a successful meeting.


Do you consider that this meeting could be of interest to translators too?


Yes! It would be great to have translators at a contributor meeting.


Are there already any thoughts about when/where it will take place?


nothing concrete. I think that depends on who is interested in coming, and whether there is funding for the meeting.