F-Droid App Doesn’t have icons

I don’t have icons in F-Droid App-s, any solution for fix?

There has been a discussion about this before here. Do you have the F-Droid archive repository enabled? If so disabling it may fix this.
Also does this happen when you have a Wifi connection too? There is a setting whether F-Droid should download anything via mobile data. If that is disabled then it makes sense that icons are not loaded if you’re not in a Wifi network.

I don’t have F-Droid archive repository enabled and don’t use WIFI - only mobile data.

My settings is:

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Move mobile data slider do the right.

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After I move to right still no icons.

But after that I stop aplication, cliear all data, re-install , move to right, and back internet, and re-run app and now work.

Thanks on help

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