Element app not updated because of no dev warned for doing it?

I wonder if there is a problem to update Element (matrix app).

@Bubu seems to be the dev who update the app (see Update Element - Secure Messenger - #6 by Ridhubharan by @TheLastProject ).

But Bubu claimed to be a ‘former f-droid’ (see https://github.com/Bubu?tab=repositories).

On the other side, a bug of Element was resolved 12 days ago especialy for the f-droid version (see https://github.com/vector-im/element-android/issues/4298)

Actual Element version is 1.3.8.
F-droid version is 1.3.3.

So I think there is a problem in the process of updating this app.

Perhaps someone here can explain it and resolve it.

Anyway, thanks for your attention

1.3.7 has been published. Bubu has left F-Droid team but still maintain somme apps.

Me and Bubu are in direct contact with the Element team. We have not been asked to build and publish a newer version than 1.3.7 yet, but when we are we will do so.

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Thank you all for the answers.
Glad to see that everything is ok!:+1:

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