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Are there be any updates to Element - Secure Messenger on F-Droid?Because on Google Play it’s 1.1.11 and on github already avilable 1.1.12.And 1.1.11 on github released 16 days ago.I’m asking because from what I’d read, I understand that it’s impossible to join to the F-Droid team and compile and update what I need and what already in the F-Droid, but somehow it doesn’t get updates even if updates avilaible on github for a long time.Cause if there dosen`t be any updates for this app then I’ll just compile every version for myself as soon as they’ll avialable.


Element updates seem to be triggered manually

@Bubu you did the latest manual updates, did you plan to update it soon? Maybe we can help on this. If yes, how?

On the other hand, Schildichat (based on Element) got its 1.1.11 update automatically 2 days ago

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Thanks for the info.

element yml has been updated to 1.1.12 … so I suppose it will be available soon :crossed_fingers:

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Thanks again.

New update available 1.1.14

If I look at https://github.com/vector-im/element-android/issues/3728 the Element team is planning to ping Bubu once they are sure enough it’s stable. So we shouldn’t try to rush this, let’s just wait for the Element team to ping the F-Droid team.

Edit: I have added a note about this to the MaintainerNotes so the next person won’t have to search around to find out this is what the Element team wants: https://gitlab.com/fdroid/fdroiddata/-/commit/e29e94ee192192449f94c1420ac62e9965725df4

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