Donate Page links Not shown

I reported it here

But now the topic was closed. I was too late :frowning:

Some apps don鈥檛 show the updated donation link in the app. And some apps in f-droid even still show a Bitcoin link, which is not showing for most apps (but still in the json spec).

Not sure if that鈥檚 an error or if I see something wrong.

Bitcoin links will only show in the client if you have a Bitcoin wallet app installed iirc.

Example of each issue as shown by 1.15-alpha1 please

That is correct. I just tested it.

But still a shitty implementation, right? It presents the app on a way, as it wouldn鈥檛 accept Bitcoin. I would certainly consider donating Bitcoin to ask app. I would certainly not donate via fiat currency. And i also certainly wouldn鈥檛 install a Bitcoin so on my phone.

Bad luck for app developers.

no link to the donate page on screenshot

Just a general additional thought: The text and the donate button don鈥檛 fit together.

It says 鈥渂uy the developers a coffee鈥.

For libra-pay (the only supported link there) that is not suitable, because libra-pay is a system for regular donations, or not?

And for bitcoin it is party unsuitable. Sometimes even the transfer fees are higher than the price of a coffee. Would be good if there would be a privacy coin supported that can send donations

  1. instantly
  2. without extreme fees (less than 0.01 EUR)
  3. anonymously

like Monero (XMR).

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