Update of Apple flinger not picked up

An update to the app Apple flinger has been released but did not come into the repo. I investigated a little and it looks weird. At the same time a new website and a donation site has been provided. Part of that landed.

  1. Latest version not in repo.
  2. Build server shows no error and no build at all
  3. New website is visible in f-droid app
  4. New donation website is NOT available in f-droid app.

There is no update鈥

Oh I see. There is no update in the manifest file. I can report that to the upstream. Thanks.

And how about the partial updates of the URLs. Is that an error?

Not sure, maybe :slight_smile:

IIRC some metadata updates only on app update, so after 1.5.8 in published check again

/LE: Fix version update (!77) 路 Merge requests 路 Andreas Redmer / apple-flinger 路 GitLab

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