DivestOS: long term device support with enhanced privacy and security

Really? So I did all of this without even the possibility of getting a build with microg! Like ok it’s your choice not to include that in your os but you could make it clearer. The comment saying that you can have it with microg is still in the init.sh file and there is no mention on your website that clearly states that this is not a feature you include. If you could put that in place that would be great so that no one is misled again.

And again, I’ve tried lineage without microg for a while and it just doesn’t work for me so that’s why I wanted to have it on top of your improvements.
I suppose maintaining support for microg requires a lot of work but as I’ve seen before in this thread, not having the choice is what led people away from your work. I think that’s sad considering all of the great features/perks that you add that it stays so much as a niche.

And I suppose there is no way to add it on top with a patch that you know works? (like nanodroid or others)

Anyway, I hope that you can still maintain those builds with secure boot!


The comment saying that you can have it with microg is still in the init.sh file

The line in init.sh says removed, it is kept because the NLP option is still supported:

export DOS_MICROG_INCLUDED="NONE"; #Determines inclusion of microG. Options: NONE, NLP, FULL (removed)

there is no mention on your website that clearly states that this is not a feature you include

microG support was never ever advertised as a feature on the website.
Had you (or anyone else) let me know earlier that your goal was compile with microG I wouldn’t of removed it.

Okay, my bad, sorry, I must have not paid enough attention to that “removed”. I suppose putting it back to be able to build with it is not an option for you?
If you do put it back, would you help me to finish the build as you said that there are still many steps?


Thanks for the answer, if I find such a patch I’ll definitely let you know.

On another note, what about a “Shutdown phone after X failed unlock attempts” setting? Akin to https://f-droid.org/en/packages/org.nuntius35.wrongpinshutdown/. I think it would be a great security boost when it comes to data-at-rest encryption.

Is there any news about the Samsung Galaxy S7?
On divestos.org 1 the status is still on broken.

hey i will love to get divestos on my oneplus 9.is there any way to help you to work on it.
or if you are already working on it please can you give me and estimate date.
i will also love to help with testing if you want.

This has been asked a few times, and it is on my TODO list but low priority.

herolte is still the same

I estimate it will be supported maybe by the year 2024 give or take a millennia.

That thread is for officially supported device. Do you support unofficial ones? If so, I would love to use it on redmi note 10 pro. sweet-lineageos · GitHub.
Also is proprietary vendor a privacy/security risk? I know oss vendor exist for long support for the device, but don’t know for eg, if they have network access.

oss vendor

No (Android) device has oss vendor trees, unless your porting to PinePhone or

Just found about this project and I really like it! Unfortunately I will need microg while primarily running postmarketos so I’m just sharing my result now.
Tested Xiaomi Poco F1 “Beryllium”
Build divested-19.1-20220426-dos-beryllium.zip
Didn’t test locking. As others reported, system boots fine but launching camera crashes the system. I’ll provide logs of the crash just in case. (.csv suffix because the site does not allow plaintext attachments, it’s just plaintext)
cameracrash.csv (1.6 MB)

I have a spare Pixel 3 “Blueline” that is not receiving security updates anymore. I saw on: Patch Levels - DivestOS Mobile

that I could possibly do 19.1 / 12.1 / S / EXPERIMENTAL and it has an end of life during 2025. Does this mean I can use my Pixel 3 with DivestOS and still get security updates until 2025?

Thank you for those logs.
Strangely I don’t see any obvious camera related errors :frowning:
If you can try booting the latest boot.img from LineageOS and seeing if the camera works that’d be appreciated.

Pixel 3 is end of life and no longer receives ANY firmware or vendor blob security updates.
This is documented at the top of that page.

Ok. Thanks.

I tried booting Lineage’s boot.img using fastboot boot lineage-19.1-20220430-nightly-beryllium-signed/boot.img and indeed the camera works there!
Took a logcat for comparison.
camera_logcat_with_lineageos_boot_img.zip (257.8 KB)

Hello Tad, i am trying to install DivestOS 19.1 on a Oneplus 7T (hotdogb) from stock android. On step 8 of the instructions i get Error 21 (Signature verification failed). Should i install the OS first (step 9) and then do step 8 (copy-partitions-device.zip)? @SkewedZeppelin

where did you get copy partitions from?
and what recovery are you running?

I got everything from the DivestOS website for hotdogb (ROM, recovery, AVB key and A/B sync) and followed the fastboot instructions. I should be running the DivestOS recovery (Step 6) and i rebooted to recovery via “adb reboot recovery”.

is the recovery orange?
If you flash recovery, then boot whatever you had previously running it’ll
override it.
Flash recovery again, use the volume keys to reboot to recovery.

I tried:
adb reboot bootloader
fastboot flash recovery divested-19.1-20220511-dos-hotdogb-recovery.img
Using the volume keys I rebooted to recovery
It is version 19.1 (20220511) - (active slot:b) with orange color.

Then i used apply update from adb-> adb sideload copy-partitions-hotdogb.zip
And i get E:Signature verification failed (Error:21).

Yes I see the issue, extra keys aren’t being added to the recovery on 19.1