CTemplar is shutting down, Best alternative?

Hi Folks,

Did you know that CTemplar is shutting down?


What’s your recommendation for best replacement?


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There are several free options with good encryption such as: protonmail, tutanota or mailfence.

Hi Jon,

Unfortunately, none of those are private enough.

Broze is a journalist? Nah. Blogger and vlogger sure. And a bit of a kook. So he changed from Proton to ctemplar. What’s next… Another wasted 17 minutes I’ll never get back.

Disroot and Riseup have mail services, but I don’t know the level of their opposition to broot force.

I don’t understand what it says in the video because I don’t know English but I think they are secure mail services.

They use zero-knowledge encryption technology so everything is encrypted on your device and they don’t know the decryption password. They may store some data like ip address but they can’t read your email.

Another option you have if you are so concerned about your privacy is to set up your own mail server, there are no other options.

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the level of their opposition to broot force.

It is a rare person who will serve jail time or shutdown their operation to resist following government orders.

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Of course I’ve heard of:
Patriot Act - Wikipedia
and about his actions:
Tor Mail - Wikipedia
, but I understand much more how dictatorial and corrupt authorities behave in the territory of the former USSR:
Пытки в России: обнародована часть видеоархива - YouTube

Email as a protocol was not designed to be private in nature you have to understand hope you know now use anything who provide encrypted mailbox. I think this is enough and having sign up without details is a nice addition.
Now protonmail disroot tutanota and mailbox startmail mailfence selfhosting are a legitimate options

privacyguides org

OK advice sometimes, but this article fails to say, for each email service not endorsed, why they were eliminated, or if they were reviewed. Mine in particular. :laughing:

“Privacy” guides loses all privacy credibility by encouraging people to use Microsoft’s github, and refusing to even consider changing. (and they encourage using reddit, twitter and matrix)


Probably because it is invite only

hmm, ok.

they don’t encourage anything besides listed on the site

what’s wrong with it

Probably because it is invite only

Nope. Open to public and fairly well known.

they don’t encourage anything besides listed on the site

They do. Their homepage says:

We need you! Here’s how to get involved

Join the r/PrivacyGuides Subreddit
Follow @Privacy_Guides on Twitter
Contribute to this website [LINKS TO GITHUB}
Chat with us on Matrix

Don’t see Mastodon listed there.

what’s wrong with it

This blog piece is kinda bloated, who knows if it’s BS or accurate, but it popped up for: xmpp versus matrix. The privacy of metadata is in doubt, in practice it is more centralized than you might think, and more: Matrix vs. XMPP – Luke Smith

FWIW, of our friendly local “curators” here, I’m fairly sure @Licaon_Kter prefers xmpp, but @hans likes matrix. F-Droid discord server? - #27 by Licaon_Kter

I stand with @Licaon_Kter on this one. :laughing:

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Just to give a simple answer, Tutanota.

I use with enough satisfaction delta.chat with relatives and friends to encrypt emails, it has the advantage to work with different providers and also with other clients that support autocrypt.

But is that mail or chat? or chamail? or machat? :slight_smile:

lmao ok fed

Aren’t they all Fed or other 3 letter agencies?

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@starscreamos 34 mins

No, some dont have any letters…

In seriousness, yeah. If there’s a service, a server and a user they really want, that encryption will be for looks only.

Pressured hard enough, not many successful buisnesses will risk/lose everything for one $20 a month user…

All depending on your threat model/level…(post deleted by author)

Why post and delete?? It’s still out there.

Wasn’t for second guessing but felt I didn’t word it correctly being half asleep still. So I deleted it, never known that to be an issue before. Im glad that you care so much though.

But, sloppy written aside, It is how I see it.