"could not bring up vm 'builder_default'"


i saw that the last four build of my app didn’t succeeded with the log containing the only information “could not bring up vm ‘builder_default’”.

Any idea what the problem is?

Here is the page: https://f-droid.org/wiki/page/de.nulide.shiftcal/lastbuild_4

Some glitch in the virtual machine, known issue, complicated fix. It will be retried next time.

Is there any tracking and documentation of the issue? Wondering if me or anybody else could help out. The issue seems to affect quite a few apps, build after build.

The latest release of se.lublin.mumla is not yet built after some 10 days of retries now. Not saying it is more important than any other app, but it is obviously one that I have been tracking.

Nope, there should be a move to buildbot instead,replacing the current Virtualbox VM situation.

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It is too scary now.:grinning:

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