Could not bring up vm ‘builder_default’

As the 'builder_default’ vm keeps failing, there are no releases again for many apps, breaking the tag and it will be released flow. Has there been any move to buildbot?
Thank you

Nothing new, that I know about, unfortunately. :frowning:

OK, thank you very much.

To ease it up a bit here… I think, i would like to propose the F-Droid project name change. Simply switch it with a popular open source game engine. Yeah, that one :slight_smile: So we have something meaningful to say to all our waiting users :slight_smile:

what does this even mean?

Have you never heard of Godot?

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Mine has failed at least 4 times in a row (or maybe more), are you saying that I’m just not lucky at all?

Yes…karma? You’ve been good?

Seriously now, I dunno the rhyme or the reason. Seeing this on local buildserver too. :frowning: