Client - Network connection issues

Has google messed with our internet again. I cannot install fdroid nor using an older fdroid that is on my cell NONE of the apps will install. Same problem with Aurora. Everytime I get “download failed” and I see the loopback address 127 0 0 1 EVERYTIME. I read that they were gonna push all us Foss out of the internet. Answer??

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Disable “Enable Tor” in F-Droid - Settings then retry

I made sure the Tor was disabled and it was but what fixed the problem was removed fdroid clear memory then reinstall. Fdroid is not available from the playstore so I went to the website and brought it from there. Works great even Aurora works now but they require a Gmail acct GGGTRR I will delete aurora now. Now if I can get the messaging system here to work I can send this to you.

U funny man :slight_smile:


I was in playstore just a few minutes ago looking for f-froid but did not find. Of course I am in Philippines and maybe that is the problem. I find that to be the answer many times.

Google does not allow another software catalogue or another store type app IN THEIR STORE. Hence the joke remark…

Only forced by the marked (ahem EU rules, EU DMA) they still allow it installed separately, as you did, from the project website… and soon Apple might need to as well…

It does not. It uses anonymous logins.
Google account is needed if you want to download your paid apps.

To be fair, it was hardly working in the last few months, more updates to fix it etc

In Aurora I wanted to download an app. The first thing it wanted was a Gmail account address. My other address was NOT acceptable. I am trying hard to divorce myself from big g for anything they want. So I closed and deleted that site.
I try to get all I can from fdroid.

Aurora first screen… select “anonymous” NOT Google

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I guess I am blind in one eye and can’t see out of the other. Either way I get all I need through Fdroid and since I use Linux things are available there.

You didn’t see this?

NO, I did not.
But again it doesn’t matter. I get all I want from Fdroid and I have deleted Aurora.

But now I KNOW the big g has messed with things. A couple days ago I saw an article where Firefox and big g have made an agreement. Early this morning (my time) I got into my bank. Afternoon (after midnight eastern time) I could not get into my bank. We went into town and I sat in a restaurant and played with my phone until I got into my acct. We got home a few minutes ago and here on my PC Linux I CANNOT get into my bank but using the same network I can use my phone. Thf big g is destroying everything to gain Access into people’s personal lives.

Criticising Google is fair and just. But I fail to see how and (most of all) why they would block you from getting into your bank account from your home network.

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It’s nearly impossible to seach in Aurora with anon logins though. You have to search the Play Store web page and set the browser to open store links in Aurora.

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Obviously I have opened a can of worms or a hornets nest. I am sorry.

No you haven’t. It’s all good.
I ,for one, just don’t think you can blame EVERYTHING on google.

It seems to me, that Aurora Store is “out of service” since about two weeks…

Whenever I check for updates, it says there are no updates. I doubt that and when I open the Playstore, of course there are some… :thinking:


Works fine on my phone.

Maybe you have an outdated version of Aurora Store itself?

When you start Aurora do you get a selection screen whether you want to log in via “google account”, “anonymously” or “anonymously (secure)”?