Chromium base browser or Bromite in main F-Droid repo

Can we have a ungoogled chromium from fdroid as we have that in linux distros. If someone know plase do it and provide it in fdroid.
I know bromite but due to it is not in original repo of fdroid it is hard to install and update is a Hassel.


The only repo is the one by csagan5 over at his repo, unfortunately. Also, I agree it is a hassle from there.

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Yes i know i trust this person but here turst is not a issue rather getting this app and updating this app creates so much a pain. It looks like easy maybe but it is not chromium is highly used platform and there are always vulnerablitis there and you must have to updated as fast as possible. But it was hard.
Can we request him to post this app here.

If I recall, it was done and that is why a repo of his own. It has been a long time so do not recall fully.

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Should i give a poke to make this app available in fdroid repo natively if you know you can also do that it is very important we need a good browser most of us don’t even understand how much stuff they collect with a non open source browser

We can try on csagan`s git once.

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Lets make it happen
It is that app can reach to a wider audience but it is still kept to the only enthusiast and extremely privacy geeks but privacy is not about a signle person it is about all i will do it tomorrow.

Edit i will poke here any one wants to leave comment


Original Unfoogled Chroimum:
csagan5’s UFC:

Original Bromite (csagan5’s only):
Niko L’s Bromite:


It is extremely unlikely that a Chromium browser will land on official F-Droid repos due to the following

  • contains proprietary blobs by default, need to be patched out and that patch is MASSIVE
  • utilizes many hundred prebuilt binaries for compiling
  • source download is over 100GB
  • the compile eats cpu cores more than Count von Count can keep up with

If one wants the various Chromium-based browsers one could install FFUpdater and get them that way I suppose.

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or vanilla:

repo can be found here:

personal suggestion:
research their alternate system webview and apply depending on your usecase


they offer auto-updates within the browser itself–under settings.

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There’s always Brave Browser as well. It’s open source. And if you wanted auto updates you can make a tasker plugin to auto mate it.

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I want to add bromite in default fdroid store is there a way to do that. As like mull now included in the default i wish to have bromite also on the platform.

Bromite has its own dedicated f-droid repository from which it can be installed and updated, i don’t think it’s possible, currently, to add chromium based browsers in the official repo mainly because of the time and complexity to run the build.

You can just continue on this.

I really don’t know what is the issue.

Paste the below URL in …F-droid–settings–Repositories–plus sign and add the below url…then refresh and search bromite as usual in fdroid and u will be able to find it and download😇

I know that.i aaked for the inclusion of the app in default repo.