Cgeo: updates only available if I deactivate and reactivate the package repository


I’m using the c:geo repository ( with Fdroid 1.6-alpha2 on LineageOS 16.
If a new app update for c:geo is available (shown in c:geo), the FDroid-App doesn’t show that update in the list of versions in the c:geo page inside the app and doesn’t show the update in the update tab.
I have to deactivate the package source and reactivate it; than, the update is shown and I can update c:geo.
It is the second time I have these issue, the first time with an older version of the FDroid client app (around 23 February 2019).

Current version of c:geo: 2019.04.04
Old version of c:geo: 2019.02.23
FDroid version: 1.6-alpha2
Android Version: 9 (LineageOS 16)

c:geo is a geocaching app for Android.

I think it is a problem with the FDroid client app so I post it in this forum.



Some logs would be nice, grep for that package name I guess.



The problem is that I can’t reproduce that issue until the c:geo team publishes the next release.
Do you mean logcat logs and fdroid as package name?
I record a logcat file while

  • refreshing the repos
  • enable c:geo repo
  • refreshing the repos
  • disable c:geo repo
  • refreshing the repos

although this does not reproduce the issue and may not help because of that.

How can I publish that log in this forum? If I use the </>-Button to create text, in the preview it doesn’t differ to other text at all.



If you didn’t reboot in the mean time maybe the log still has some past info.



The problem is that I reboot the smartphone periodically so I don’t have that logs.
I have a old backup from FDroid with an outdated update from c:geo-Repository what I tried to use to reproduce the issue but oandbackup failed to install that backup and broke my FDroid installation so I had to repair that first. The problem was that I can’t open FDroid and can’t remove it.
After an reboot FDroid doesn’t show up in any app list, but if I can’t reinstall it with an apk from the FDroid website. The apk installer only say that “FDroid is not installed”. I checked the logcats and the error was that there are parts of the FDroid installation remaining that cause Android only accept the current 1.6-alpha-2-Version of FDroid or newer versions.
The FDroid Website didn’t offer a link to 1.6-alpha-2 but only to 1.6-alpha-1 so I had to guess that link.
Now I installed FDroid again and it seems to work.
Sadly I had a lot of trouble and don’t get anything closer to the c:geo-repo-update-problem :frowning:

Edit: the problem with oandbackup occurs because FDroid had updated it to an x86-64 version although I have an arm device. I fixed the error while installing a newer, universal version. (I had to remove oandbackup first because FDroid saw the upgrade as a downgrade and blocked it)



Ok, now I installed the correct version of oandbackup, but the restoring of the backup still fail.
I will wait until c:geo makes the next update and record the logs.
By the way: Are there more detailed logs than the logcat-logs for F-Droid?