Cgeo: updates only available if I deactivate and reactivate the package repository

I guess this is

Problem persists with 1.7 on both Android 4.4.2 and 4.4.4.

I just did the manual deactivate and reactivate the repo process and had a strange experience (F-Droid 1.7 on Android 4.4.4) that might shed some light on the problem. After it updated the repos, I had 5 updates, but then it immediately started updating the repos again, and when that finished, I only had 3 updates. So I installed those 3 updates, rebooted, and did the process again.

This time, it found the other 2 update that had disappeared, and again, immediately started updating the repos. It wouldn’t let me click to download the 2 updates individually, so it clicked ‘update all’. Again, once the second update finished, the two updates disappeared from the ‘updates’ tab, and it just had the ‘your apps are up to date’ message.

Just out of curiosity, I searched for one of the apps that had come up, Jami, and when I went to its page in the app, it was downloading its update. Which got me wondering, could the problem be in the code that tallies up the available updates and lists them on the ‘updates’ tab? Maybe the updates are being downloaded, ready to install (assuming that option is checked in the settings), but just not listed in the ‘updates’ tab, so it seems like they’re not being checked or downloaded at all?

Curiously, I went back to the ‘updates’ tab again and I could see download progress bars for Jami and another app. But although Jami appears to have finished downloading, there’s no install button. Then I went to the settings tab to check what version of F-Droid I’m using, and when I went back to ‘updates’, again it’s saying ‘your apps are up to date’, but the ‘updates’ button has a red circle on it with a “1”. But when I go to the Jami page, there’s only ‘uninstall’ or ‘open’, no ‘update’ option.

Is there something else (eg on GitLab) that I could file a more formal bug report? Would that help? I’m happy to try some things to help narrow down the problem.

Report on Gitlab with as many details (logcat?) as you can get, yes.

At least in your case it might be the (old) device at fault, how much RAM do they have? Eg. it takes time to install an app and to report it’s status as done, hence the confusing install/update state in the UI.

Regarding “It wouldn’t let me click to download the 2 updates individually” that’s a known bug that I see too.

Unable to click on download, and taking time for drawable to show is a regular issue I face tbvh.
But as @Licaon_Kter states, seems to be a known bug.

I’ve got a person with a similar problem. Got error reports for outdated f-droid versions, turns out they won’t get the new version. I sadly can’t provide any logs for remote systems…

Yup, old hardware/ OS is quite possibly at fault. Just upgraded to F-Droid 1.7.1. We’ll see it that improves things. I’m fairly new to Android, are there situations where uninstalling and doing a fresh install can help? If I do that with F-Droid, will that screw up its ability to manage the apps I’ve installed with it?

Maybe something, maybe nothing - After phone ROM installs/wipes, I used to sometimes first install c:geo from separate downloaded apk, sometimes from f-droid. I started always installing c:geo first from f-droid (not from separate downloaded apk). Nightly pdates in f-droid work for me since then.

I have the same problem with F-Droid version 1.7.1 (the newest) and the setting to update 1 time each hour. F-Droid never detects updates if I do not deactivate and reactivate the packages. Maybe the creators of F-Droid should try to fix this problem and release a stable 1.8 version of F-Droid?

deactivate and reactivate the packages

You mean repo?

Is F-Droid excepted in battery optimisations? What device? What Android version?

Did you read yet?

yes I ment repo. I read the link and it seams like you’re right about that it has with some stupid battery-optimisation to do. I really look forward to a full working release of android 10, that seams to be a lot better then Android Pie (9) and earlier.
But the sad true is that it will probably not be available for most phones before sometime next year and for some unlucky Android-owners it might even not be available before year 2021. :frowning:

Sometimes the problem is just a glitch in the repository:

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