Can I ask for app recommendations?

Most important features for apps for me is customization and the ability to add plugins, extensions and everything like that, the more control I feel, the better

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What type of apps are you looking for?

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Keyboard, launcher, any apps for everyday use, I’m going Foss anywhere I can (though not fully, even though I love Foss, doesn’t mean I don’t want lose my old stuff)

Do search the forum for more recommendations, we get this a lot :slight_smile:

OpenBoard or Floris
KISS Launcher
Orgzly and/or Markor
Fennec or Mull
Simple Gallery Pro (more Simple apps)
Material Files or GhostCommander
Organic Maps or OSMAnd
Audio Recorder
eSpeak or RHvoice
Librera Pro
etc based on “your everyday” :slight_smile:


Any of listed apps support any extensions? If yes, then what apps you listed support it?

I’m not sure, mostly not, eg. Fennec / Mull have some (and you can add a repo)

Why do you need extensions? Most apps have one purpose… eg. note, chat, browse, calendar, photos etc

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Just asked out interest

And customization itself is still my main interest here, sorry if I sound weird

It’s okay but this brings a bigger burden on the developer.

OMW/OMW_Nightly support mods :slight_smile:
Termux can install any package (it has) allowing you to extend it’s functionality

Also, under customization, visual customization also counts

Most have Dark themes too, some have colour themes. You’ll need to test them and decide :slight_smile:

I don’t know why you are so keen on plugins and extensions. I normally avoid those because they are usually 3rd party. Even on the Desktop, I like to use just a handful of very essential functional extensions.

Apart from extensions being able to read your data, they also tend to load your hardware resources unnecessarily, which can lead to slow-downs, lags, battery drain, etc.

the reason why they are interesting to me is because I like to have a large number of functions. It is important for me to have full power over the application, and also, by extensions, I meant “something that expands the functionality of the original application”

Catima doesn’t have extensions, but it allows you to choose between several theme colours:

Also has a light and dark mode.

But that’s all for customization pretty much, no clue if that’s… “enough” customization for you

Sure. Extensions are used to extend functionality, and everyone knows that. My only point is that you should also consider the costs. Most extensions are 3rd party, and in order to provide you with the stated functionality, you need to grant the extension certain permissions. There is no assurance that the extension will not misuse those permissions.

That’s why I stick with only a very very limited number of extensions (that have a very good rating), and only those that are absolutely essential for my requirement. I am more comfortable sacrificing a few useful features/ functionality for the sake of privacy and security.

However, I am aware of ‘To each his own’.

There are some icon packs on F-Droid that you might like. Arcticons, Frost, Ameixa or MBE Style for example.

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