New to FOSS, Please suggest a very good app that doesn't track users

Hey guys, I’m new here but I just want to know which Apps from Fdroid you guys are using? Also, how do you install them in the simplest ways?

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Apps from Fdroid

install them in the simplest ways

Via F-Droid client of course!

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Also Can I ask for app recommendations? and many more threads around here

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Hi, I’ve been using F-Droid for over a year now. From the little experience that I have, I have complied a list of some application software that you can install from F-Droid. Ignore the capital O after the app name, it used to mean open source, all the apps are open source in the list. Description is in the parenthesis (some are self-explanatory):

Adaway (requires root, adblock)
Adblock plus (wifi only)
Amaze FM
AntennaPod O (podcast manager + player)
aTox O (IM)
Audio Recorder
Barinsta O (Instagram client)
Blackhole (stream & download music)
Blokada O (adblock)
Briar (IM)
Calculator N+ math solver
Calyx VPN
Cinehub (stream movies and tv shows)
Clipboard Cleaner
CPU Info
Diaspora OP (social media)
Dir FM (simple)
DNS66 (adblock)
Download Navi (download manager)
Editor (text editor)
Etar (calendar)
EtchDroid (.iso)
FairEmail O (email client, unlimited accounts, simple, battery friendly)
Feeder (RSS reader)
Ffmpeg CLI
Forcastie (weather)
Fritter (Twitter client)
Frost for Facebook O (facebook client)
GMaps WV (google maps client)
ImagePipe (Reduce image size, Remove metadata, Photo Editor)
Indic Keyboard
K-9 mail (email client, supports multiple accounts)
KeePassDX (password manager)
Kodi (more than a media player)
Libre AV
LibreOffice Viewer O
Librera Pro
Lithium (e-book reader)
LTE Cleaner
Material Files (file manager)
microMathematics Plus
Minimal Open Source Flashlight
Mintube (youtube client)
Molly FOSS (IM)
Mpv (media player)
Mupdf (.epub, .pdf)
Netguard (firewall)
NewPipe (open-source YouTube client that doesn’t use any libraries that are dependent on Google’s framework or any YouTube API, private)
Nextcloud O
Openboard (keyboard)
Open Camera
Open Document Reader (.odt, .ods, .odp)
Open Note Scanner
OpenScan (scan docs, make pdf)
Open VPN for Android O
Orbot (tor onion routing)
Organic Maps
OsmAnd - offline maps, travel and navigation O
Pdf Viewer Plus
Pedometer O
Proton Mail (private, safe, end to end encryption)
Proton VPN
Pulse Music (audio player)
Qalc CLI (calculator)
QKSMS (sms)
Reddinator (reddit client)
RedReader (reddit client)
Riseup VPN
Sentinel Free decentralized VPN (dVPN)
Session (IM)
Silence O(safe, sms)
Signal FOSS (secure, e2e encrypted, IM)
SIM Card Recover and Manager (transfer data to another sim)
SIM Contacts Manager (sim can hold upto 500 contacts)
SimpleEmail (email client, multiple accounts, battery friendly)

SkyTube O (YouTube client)
SlimSocial for Facebook O (Facebook client)
SpotiFlyer (download songs from spotify, gaana, jio saavn, youtube music)
Ssh Daemon (sftp, share)
Syncthing (share)
Tedit (text editor)
Telegram FOSS O (IM)
Termux (terminal)
Timbre (video/audio editing)
Trail Sense
Turbo Editor O
Tutanota (e-mail)
Twidere O (Twitter client)
Twitlatte O (Twitter client)
VLC O (media player)
Wifi Analyzer O
Wire private messenger (secure)
Youtube-dl CLI

 F-Droid Known Repositories:

Here’s a list of Browsers available in F-Droid. Inside parenthesis is the rendering engine that browser uses.

Web Bowsers:

Bromite (blink, fast, secure, private)
Duck duck go P
Fennec (gecko)
Foss browser L (webview)
Midori lite
Monocles browser (monocles webview)
Mull (gecko)
Privacy browser (webview)
SmartCookieWeb (fork of lightning browser)
Tor (gecko)
Ungoogled Chromium (blink)

Did you just list all the apps on F-Droid? Sneaky :slight_smile:


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